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What started as a grotesque example of crime in a small Michigan town has taken an unexpected and political turn.
Beverly Hope[src]

Brookfield Heights, Michigan is a town in the center of several heinous crimes committed by an assailant clown gang between 2016 and 2017. It is the primary location in the seventh season, Cult.


Mayfair-Richards House[]

A house located in a "neighborhood gripped in fear." [1] A large house with spacious rooms spread over two floors, featuring a garage, with a front garden and backyard. Despite Mayfair-Richards trying to give the impression of being a loving family, behind closed doors betrays and lies cracked the perfect happy family façade.

Wilton House[]

Formerly inhabited by the Chang family, it is a home across the street from the Mayfair-Richards house. It was bought by Harrison and Meadow Wilton taking advantage of the low price caused by Thom and Marylin Chang's "murder-suicide." The house has been the site of a home invasion, an abduction, and attempted murder.

The Butchery On Main[]

A restaurant where betrayals and murders are consumed, along with delicious dishes. The Butchery On Main is a restaurant co-owned by Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards and was the site to set up crimes and other wrongdoings.

Anderson House[]

A house in a suburb of Michigan from where the craving for chaos and mayhem spread like a plague. There, Kai and Winter Anderson still hang out with their deceased parents.

Office of Dr. Rudy Vincent[]

A safe haven for people afflicted by terrible phobias where Dr. Rudy Vincent is more than willing to treat them. Ally Mayfair-Richards had many therapy sessions with him before discovering a terrible truth.

City Hall[]

The City Hall where Kai Anderson starts his political activity, which will lead to the death of his opponents like Sally Keffler and Thom Chang. Kai also used the City Council Chamber to give his big statement.

Fields Market[]

A city market selling a lot of useful things, from Rosé wine to calm a stressed mind to duct tape to tie up victims.




  • This is the first fictional town featured in the American Horror Story franchise.
  • According to the city coat of arms, Brookfield Heights was established in 1926.
  • According to Thom Chang, circa of 10,000 people live in Brookfild Heights.
  • Brookfield Heights is likely located in West Oakland County in Metro Detroit, since the Metro Detroit suburbs of NorthvilleWixom, and Redford are mentioned.
  • The Brookfield Heights, Michigan police cars bear markings strikingly similar to the real Farmington Hills, Michigan police cars.
  • The Mayfair-Richards home and Chang/Wilton home were both used in the final act of John Carpenter's 1978 film "Halloween". The Mayfair-Richards home being Tommy Doyle's home that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was babysitting him at, and the Chang/Wilton home being used for Lindsay Wallace's home. Both are located in a suburb in Pasadena, California.
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