Brookfield Heights, Michigan is a town in the center of several heinous crime committed by an assailant clown gang between 2016 and 2017. It is the primary location in the seventh season, Cult.


Mayfair-Richards House

A house located in a "neighborhood gripped in fear." [1] A large house with spacious rooms spread over two floors, featuring a garage, with a front garden and backyard. Despite Mayfair-Richards trying to give the impression of being a loving family, behind closed doors betrays and lies cracked the perfect happy family façade.

Wilton House

Formerly inhabited by the Chang family, it is a home across the street from the Mayfair-Richards house. It was bought by Harrison and Meadow Wilton taking advantage of the low price caused by Thom and Marylin Chang's "murder-suicide." The house has been the site of a home invasion, an abduction, and attempted murder.

The Butchery On Main

Main article: The Butchery On Main

A restaurant where betrayals and murders are consumed, along with delicious dishes. The Butchery On Main is a restaurant co-owned by Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards and was the site to set up crimes and other wrongdoings.

Anderson House

A house in a suburb of Michigan from where the craving for chaos and mayhem spread like a plague. There, Kai and Winter Anderson still hang out with their deceased parents.

Office of Dr. Rudy Vincent

A safe haven for people afflicted by terrible phobias where Dr. Rudy Vincent is more than willing to treat them.

City Hall

City Council Chamber, City Hall

Fields Market

A city market selling a lot of useful things, from Rosé wine to calm a stressed mind to duct tape to tie up victims.



  • This is the first fictional town featured in the American Horror Story franchise.
  • According to the city coat of arms, Brookfield Heights was established in 1926.
  • According to Thom Chang in Election Night, circa of 10.000 people live in Brookfild Heights.
  • Brookfield Heights is likely located in West Oakland County in Metro Detroit, since the Metro Detroit suburbs of Northville and Wixom are mentioned.


  1. Episode: Neighbors From Hell

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