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Cain Polk is a member of the wretched Polk family. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Orson Chaplin (as an unidentified actor).


Cain is a member of the Polk family born from Mama and Ishmael. He has been having sexual intercourse with Mama Polk for a while.

Personality and Appearance[]

Cain is a man in his 30s who is hideous due to poor living consitions. He has one side of mouth with his teeth sticking out from the gums. He is usually seen wearing scraggly clothing and he is dangerous.


Cain is first seen trying to purchase the Roanoke House but he is outbid making him and the other Polks angry and vengeful. Cain is later seen kidnapping Shelby, Matt, and Flora. When they go to deliver them to the Butcher, Cain is driving the car and Matt gets a hold of the gun and shoots Cain, killing him.[1]


  • Cain, like his father and brothers, is named after a biblical figure. His name is a reference to the brother and killer of Abel in the Book of Genesis.
  • It is heavily implied in Chapter 8 of Roanoke, that Cain, and the rest of his siblings engage in an incestuous relationship with their mother. It is also hinted at when Mama Polk refers to her grandchildren as her "babies".
  • The Polks seem to be based on the Peacock family from The X-Files episode, Home. Like the Peacocks, the Polks are murdering, deformed, inbred "hillbilly" characters dominated by a sexually abusive mother.


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