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Cal Cambon is a student at Princeton University that falls victim to extraterrestrial experimentes. He is a character in Double Feature portrayed by Nico Greetham.


Personality and Appearance[]


Cal is part of the group of students made up of Cal, Troy, Kendall, and Jamie, who are all abducted after taking a trip to the desert.

When they return home from the desert, Cal gets sick and tells Troy that he might have Giardia (again) but then Troy throws up, prompting them to go and see Kendall and Jamie.

Cal and Troy both take pregnancy tests which both come out positive, so the group go to visit Jamie's ObGyn where they find out that their babies are aliens after scanning Troy. They are brought to Area 51 very soon after this.

In Area 51, they meet Calico who gives them information about where they are, and tells them there's no chance of escape. She also shows them the set of the Moon Landing, saying it's where she goes for peace.

Troy is the first to give birth. He rejoins the group a week later and says it wasn't painful, it was beautiful, but they killed his baby in front of him by slitting its throat. He is devastated by this as he wants to have a family with Cal.

When Cal goes into labour, Troy encourages him not to tell anyone. They go to the moon landing set where Troy pulls out a knife he pocketed, and performs a C-section. They have a moment of happiness before the baby sprouts tentacles and starts eating off Cals face, then Troys. They both die.


  • To Jamie and Kendall: "We're fucking. Ok, we're more than fucking, we are dating."
  • To Jamie: "A road without lights is still safer than sleeping here with the Bovine Butcher on the loose, so."




  1. Appears as a corpse.