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Dr. Calico is a highly-intelligent researcher at Area 51 & a veteran of the extraterrestrials' schemes. She is a character in Double Feature portrayed by Leslie Grossman.


Calico was a back-up dancer and floor-girl in 1969, before being exposed to the faking of the moon-landing.

Personality and Appearance[]

Calico is a caucasion, middle-aged woman with a 60's hairdo & makeup. She always wears a staff uniform, which consists of a white lab coat and knee-high white, high-heel boots. While being a caring, understanding and humane individual, Calico thinks that what the aliens are doing is right and is very manipulative towards new-comers on the ship. As shown by her treatment towards Mamie, she is desperate for socialising with someone and is a very optimistic person in-general.


We first see Calico in 1969 when she meets up with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, both of whom should currently be on the Moon. After learning the truth about the Moon Landing, Calico was abducted by the aliens and has given birth to 3-4 babies each year since 1969.

After years of being part of the plan to re-populate Earth, she was given the title of doctor and became a veteran in their plans. She meets the Kendall, Troy, Jamie & Cal in 2021 and explains to them the movement of the operation. After Troy has given birth and sees his baby killed, Dr. Calico explains that they're basically mongrels awaiting to breed again.

She meets Mamie sometime before 2021 but after the 70's and forms a close bond with her. In 2021, Mamie explains that she is not excited for her birthday anymore, and Calico proceeds to say that, with immortality, comes the price of being trapped with nothing to do. Mamie and Calico then hatch a plan to betray the aliens, and so they manipulate Theta to get close to Kendall's baby where Mamie proceeds to try and slit it's throat. When Theta stops Mamie and proceeds to expose her manipulative plot, Calico defends Theta and tells Mamie that humans should give the aliens a chance.

After Mamie's head explodes, Theta lets Dr. Calico hold the hybrid off-spring, and officially declares it a "reward" for helping the aliens, thus making her a head researcher at Area 51.


  • To Kendall, Troy, Jamie & Cal: "Hello there! I'm Calico."
  • To Kendall & Jamie with entertainment: "Steve's a good man but he can't dress for shit."
  • To Mamie Eisenhower sadly: "She's right. About people. I have seen them at their worst, and I've seen them at their best, and I think maybe it's time we step aside and give someone else a chance. I am sorry."
  • To Steve Jobs: "People are going to use what they have however they see fit, it's not our business to tell them what to do."
  • Calico explaining her positioning in Area 51: "Oh, most people who are here are one and done, but there are a few like me who are on the annual plan."


  • Dr. Calico is the sixth character portrayed by Leslie Grossman in American Horror Story. For a complete list of Leslie's performances, go to Cast.
  • Calico's name is based on the domesticated cat breed of the same name. As Calico's are often regarded as prestigious but out-of-date breeds, this could very well be a nod to Calico being from the 60's, a out-of-date-era.
  • Calico's line, "life must find its own way", is a reference to the science-fiction thriller Jurassic Park, payong homage to Dr. Ian Malcolm's famous line, "life finds a way".
  • Dr. Calico is one of three characters portrayed by Leslie Grossman to survive their respective seasons, with the other two being Ursula Khan and Ashleigh.
  • As revealed in Inside, it is apparent that Calico was a fan of chewing gum, as she is seen chewing it many times over while being a floor girl.
    • Also stated in this episode, is that Calico has been divorced three times.
  • Dr. Calico is one of the few realists on the show.