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Angels are immortal, spiritual entities created by the Judeo-Christian God as well as one of the most powerful species in the universe. Throughout the series, there are two known Angels. The Devil, a fallen Angel who used to be God's favorite, and Shachath, the Angel of Death.

Characteristics and Powers

How strictly these "rules" are applied varies and has never been clearly defined in the series itself.

  • Immortality - Angels are not susceptible to human weaknesses, thus being immune to all aging, disease, and death.
    • Ageless - Angels appear at the same age they were when they were created.
  • Transmutation - Angels can move instantaneously from one location to another.
    • Across Dimensions - Angels can move freely through different dimensions.
  • Invisibility - Angels can become seen or unseen at will.
  • Intangibility - Angels can become tangible or intangible at will.
  • Clairvoyance - Some angels, such as Shachath, can read the minds of others and project their thoughts into them.
  • Kiss of Death - As the Angel of Death, Shachath can deliver souls to the afterlife with her merciful kiss.
  • Flight (presumably) - Since most angels are regarded as having wings, they could have the ability to fly.


Although angels are one of the most powerful species, they have their own weaknesses.

  • God - God is able to destroy angels, since they are created by him.

Known Angels


  • Leah mentions the archangel Michael, the enemy of Satan, but the archangel never appears in the series.

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