These are the residents of Briarcliff Manor both past and present. They are a mix of the legitimately disturbed, the falsely accused and the socially oppressed.

Notable Inmates 

The Mexican

The Mexican is a recurring character on Asylum. She is an elderly Hispanic woman likely suffering some form of dementia who has been committed at Briarcliff Manor. She was murdered by the demon-possessed Sister Mary Eunice.

She spends her free time in the asylum's common room, dancing obliviously to the phonograph's monotonous spinning of "Dominique". Usually indifferent to all but the music, she becomes fearfully focused on Sister Mary Eunice, identifying her as "Satan". She is then seen reciting the Lord's Prayer alone but quakes in terror when the nun visits her cell and forces her to kneel in prayer. The Mexican recites the prayer before Sister Mary Eunice grabs a pair of scissors and brutally stabs her in the neck and finally in the stomach. The nun dumped her body in the woods as an offering to Dr. Arden's mutated experiments. Grace Bertrand, Kit Walker, and Lana Winters found her body in the woods before being chased back. Sister Jude mistakenly believes her to be one of the three reported escapees.

She reappears during "The Name Game" dance sequence.


  • The Mexican is the first character portrayed by Gloria Laino. For a complete list of characters, see Cast.
  • The casting notice for The Mexican called for "an extremely thin, freakish' Latina named Clara".


Daniel is a deaf and mute boy in Asylum played by Casey Wyman. He is among the inmates in the common room upon Kit Walker's first visit and later cheering his fight with Spivey.[2] Daniel is brought in by Dr. Oliver Thredson to help with Lana Winters's aversion/conversion therapy.


Miles is a troubled man at Briarcliff Manor that hears voices in his head. Miles is being tormented by the voices one day and he cuts his wrist. He is hospitalized and Shachatch mercy kills him.


Rudy is a patient at Briarcliff Manor. Sister Jude's caning has intensified his already compulsive masturbation.


Martha is a troubled woman at Briarcliff Manor that spends much of her time banging her head against the wall.

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