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These are the people who were contracted or permanently employed at Briarcliff Manor. They consist of members of the clergy, medical professionals, orderlies and security guards.

Notable Staff

Support Staff

There are many others administering to the needs of the asylum. Various orderlies and guards look after the patients. Sister Mary Eunice provides assistance to both Sr. Jude and resident physician Dr. Arden. Other professionals not employed at the asylum are occasionally called upon for services such as psychiatrist Oliver Thredson and exorcist Father Malachi.

Frank McCann

Frank McCann is a recurring character in Asylum portrayed by Fredric Lehne. He is the Head of Security at Briarcliff Manor. He is a calm middle-aged man who is fond of Sister Jude and distrusts both Dr. Arden and Monsignor Howard.

Episodic Appearances

  • Welcome to Briarcliff - Frank hauls Kit off to solitary after his fight with Spivey in the common room.
  • Tricks and Treats - Frank is among those that capture Kit and Grace after Lana sounds the alarm. He lays into Kit extra hard.
  • Nor'easter - Frank is left in charge of the projector and the inmates on movie night. He does fine with the former but shows great incompetency in the latter.
  • I Am Anne Frank: Part 2 - Frank finds Charlotte holding Dr. Arden at gunpoint and manages to subdue her before she can kill him. He later drags Charlotte back into the asylum after she tries to suffocate her infant son. He's the one who informs Sister Jude that Lana Winters has escaped and after she laments that she will certainly be fired from her post, he comforts her by saying that she shouldn't blame herself since "men don't like to have a woman in charge, especially one as strong as [she] is. In [his] opinion [she] never stood a chance".
  • Dark Cousin - After Lana is returned to Briarcliff, Sister Mary Eunice informs Frank of Lana's story and in turn he informs Mary Eunice of Kit's escape from prison. After Kit sneaks back into Briarcliff to help break out Grace, Frank finds them and tries to shoot Kit when it appears he's about to attack. However, he ends up shooting Grace when she leaps in front of Kit. Frank manages to subdue Kit and reluctantly leaves Grace to die so he can lock up Kit, who keeps trying to escape violently.
  • Unholy Night - Frank prays over Grace's dead body, promising to make things right. Frank tells Arden he wants to go to the police about Kit and the monster, and will accept the consequences. While attempting to put Monsignor Timothy Howard's star on the Christmas tree, he is knocked off the ladder and attacked by Leigh Emerson, but Frank subdues him and takes him to solitary. After putting Leigh in the cell, he finds Sister Mary Eunice waiting for him. She asks if the Santa gave him any trouble, and then slashes his throat with a straight razor.
  • The Coat Hanger - Frank appears in this episode mostly during flashbacks. The first depicts his murder at the hands of Sr. Mary Eunice. Leigh Emerson, Sr. Mary Eunice, and Dr. Arden all frame Sr. Jude for Frank's murder. In 1963, he appears with Sr. Jude restraining Leigh who makes a lewd comment about Sr. Chastity and is slapped across the face by Frank. Frank also appears in 1964 during another one of Leigh's restrainings.  


Carl is an orderly and a veteran of the Korean War. He is fond of sexual favors from Shelley. On the night of the movie showing, Carl scolds Shelley but they have sex and she knocks him out to escape.

Sister Felicity

Sister Felicity was a nun who worked at Briarcliff.

Sister Felicity was first seen in the episode Dark Cousin. She finds Grace sitting in the kitchen and after Grace begs to stay, Sister Felicity allows her to hang around until she was done cleaning. Sister Felicity leaves the room and Kit appears. He embraces Grace and they hear Sister Felicity cry for help. Sister Felicity's throat was ripped out after being attacked by one of Dr. Arden's monstrosities; he throws her body away.

Nurse Blackwell

Nurse Blackwell was a nurse who worked at Briarcliff. Nurse Blackwell walks into the asylum and walks into the hospital to find Grace dying. Blackwell tries to save her.

Sally Starns

Sally Starns appeared in The Origins of Monstrosity and is a former nurse at the Briarcliff facility when it once treated TB patients. She contracted TB herself and had her last rites performed by Father Timothy Howard. She passed away and her body was brought to the crematorium by Timothy and Dr. Arden.


Stan is an orderly. He was attacked by Leigh Emerson during a Christmas party. One night during a Christmas celebration, Leigh bits his nose off. The rest of Stan's future is unknown.

  1. In The Coat Hanger, he appears in a flashback.
  2. In Spilt Milk he makes no appearance, but is mentioned by Kit Walker.

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