Each season there is a whole new cast with new characters, but often times there are actors who are used more than one season.

AHS Repertory Company

Though each season brings us a new story with (mostly) new characters, they are usually played by an ensemble of returning players.

  • A dark grey cell indicates the actor was not in the season or is not confirmed to return to a future season.
  • To keep the table in order, portrayals that exceed three characters per actor in a season are referenced. In particular, the difference between actual reenactments taking place in the episode (Roanoke) versus narrative portrayed on screen during a character's storytelling (Cult).
 Returning Actors
Actor Murder House
Freak Show
Evan Peters Tate Langdon Kit Walker Kyle Spencer Jimmy Darling James March Edward Philippe Mott (reenactment)
Rory Monahan
Kai Anderson [1] Mr. Gallant
Jeff Pfister
Sarah Paulson Billie Dean Howard Lana Winters Cordelia Foxx Bette and Dot Tattler Sally McKenna
Shelby Miller (reenactment)
Audrey Tindall
Ally Mayfair-Richards
Wilhemina Venable
Cordelia Goode
Lily Rabe Nora Montgomery Sister Mary Eunice Misty Day Sister Mary Eunice Aileen Wuornos Shelby Miller Misty Day
Frances Conroy Moira O'Hara (Older) Shachath Myrtle Snow Gloria Mott Mama Polk (reenactment) Bebe Babbitt Myrtle Snow
Denis O'Hare Larry Harvey Spaulding Stanley Liz Taylor Elias Cunningham (reenactment)
William van Henderson
Kathy Bates Delphine LaLaurie Ethel Darling Iris The Butcher (reenactment)
Agnes Mary Winstead
Miriam Mead
Jessica Lange Constance Langdon Sister Jude Fiona Goode Elsa Mars Constance Langdon
Angela Bassett Marie Laveau Desiree Dupree Ramona Royale Lee Miller (reenactment)
Monet Tumusiime
Marie Laveau
Jamie Brewer Adelaide Langdon Nan Marjorie Hedda Nan
Cheyenne Jackson Will Drake Sidney Aaron James Rudy Vincent John Henry Moore
Emma Roberts Madison Montgomery Maggie Esmerelda Serena Belinda Madison Montgomery TBA
Taissa Farmiga Violet Harmon Zoe Benson Sophie Green Zoe Benson
Adina Porter Sally Freeman Lee Miller Beverly Hope Dinah Stevens
Mare Winningham Alicia Spencer Rita Gayheart Hazel Evers Sally Keffler
Gabourey Sidibe Queenie Regina Ross Queenie Queenie
Wes Bentley Edward Mordrake John Lowe Ambrose White (reenactment)
Dylan McDermott Ben Harmon Johnny Morgan Ben Harmon
Finn Wittrock Dandy Mott Tristan Duffy
Rudolph Valentino
Jether Polk
Naomi Grossman Pepper Pepper Samantha Crowe
John Carroll Lynch Twisty John Wayne Gacy Twisty TBA
Billie Lourd Winter Anderson


Mallory TBA
Zachary Quinto Chad Warwick Oliver Thredson
Connie Britton Vivien Harmon Vivien Harmon
Chloë Sevigny Shelley Alex Lowe
Matt Bomer Andy Donovan
Lady Gaga Elizabeth Scáthach (reenactment)
Leslie Grossman Meadow Wilton


Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt TBA
Alexandra Breckenridge Moira O'Hara (younger) Kaylee
Benjamin Woolf Infantata Meep
Christine Estabrook Marcy Marcy
Matt Ross Charles Montgomery Charles Montgomery
Anthony Ruivivar Miguel Ramos Richard Ramirez
Riley Schmidt Rubber Man Rubber Man
Celia Finkelstein Gladys Gladys
Sam Kinsey Beauregard Langdon Beauregard Langdon
Mena Suvari Elizabeth Short Elizabeth Short
Robin Bartlett Miranda Crump Cecily Pembroke
John Cromwell Young Arthur Arden Young Arthur Arden
Henry G. Sanders Willie Mr. Royale
Robin Weigert Cynthia Potter Mama Polk
Gloria Laino The Mexican Unnamed Elder Satanist
Leslie Jordan Quentin Fleming Cricket Marlowe (reenactment)
Ashley Gilbert
Grace Gummer Millie Penny
Danny Huston The Axeman Massimo Dolcefino
Ashlynn Ross Jeanne LaLaurie Myrna Austin
Lance Reddick Papa Legba Papa Legba
Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks
Wayne Pére Mr. Kingery Mr. Kingery
Erika Ervin Amazon Eve The Fist
Chaz Bono Lot Polk (reenactment)
Brian Wells
Gary Longstreet
James Morosini Bob Kinnaman R.J.
Irene Roseen Margaret Molly O'Hara
Billy Eichner Harrison Wilton


Mutt Nutter
Cody Fern Michael Langdon TBA

Prominent Guests

Some seasons feature well-known actors in prominent roles for only a single story, and are not considered part of the "repertory company" until they return for more than one season.

Murder House
Freak Show



  1. In Cult, Evan Peters also briefly portrayed: Andy Warhol, Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Jim Jones, Jesus Christ and Charles Manson in on-screen representations of Kai Anderson's stories about infamous cult leaders that he told to his followers throughout the season.
  2. In Apocalypse, Evan Peters also briefly portrayed James March and Tate Langdon in "Could It Be... Satan?" and "Return to Murder House", respectively.
  3. In Hotel, Sarah Paulson also briefly portrayed Billie Dean Howard in the "season finale"
  4. In Roanoke, Sarah Paulson also briefly portrayed Lana Winters in the "season finale"
  5. In Cult, Sarah Paulson also briefly portrayed Susan Atkins in an on-screen representation of Kai Anderson's story about the Tate murders.
  6. In Apocalypse, Sarah Paulson also briefly portrayed Billie Dean Howard in "Return to Murder House"
  7. In Apocalypse, Frances Conroy also briefly portrayed Moira O'Hara in "Return to Murder House"
  8. In Apocalypse, Kathy Bates also briefly portrayed Delphine LaLaurie in "Apocalypse Then"
  9. In Apocalypse, Taissa Farmiga also briefly portrayed Violet Harmon in "Return to Murder House"
  10. In Cult, Billie Lourd also briefly portrayed Linda Kasabian in an on-screen representation of Kai Anderson's story about the Tate murders.
  11. In Cult, Leslie Grossman also briefly portrayed Patricia Krenwinkel in an on-screen representation of Kai Anderson's story about the Tate murders.
  12. In Cult, Billy Eichner also briefly portrayed Tex Watson in an on-screen representation of Kai Anderson's story about the Tate murders.
  13. Adina Porter clarifies her guest starring roles in American Horror Story on Twitter

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