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Immortals are species that have been fortified to be unaging and eternally require no sustenance. They are not immune to injury, but their individual body parts will continue to survive once severed[1]. Marie Laveau gained immortality by making a pact with the Voodoo spirit Papa Legba, which entailed her having to sacrifice an innocent soul every year at an allotted time. [2] Delphine LaLaurie was cursed with immortality when she drank a vial of Marie Laveau's tears - a punishment enacted by the Voodoo Queen for her torture of black slaves, including her lover, Bastien.[3]

Characteristics and Powers

How strictly these "rules" are applied varies and has never been clearly defined in the series itself.

  • Immortality: The ability to live forever in eternal life, allowing those possessed with it an immunity to all aging, disease, and death. It would appear to be an exceptionally rare and complicated condition, as only a handful of individuals have been shown to possess this power, let alone have any awareness of its very real presence in the world. Thus far, all immortals seen throughout the series have chosen to keep their inability to die a secret from humans, presumably to blend in amongst modern society and to prevent the exposure of endless life to dangerous or unstable individuals who might seek out a way to cheat death. Consequently, very few people are aware that ageless individuals exist among them, and are either unaware of immortality entirely or believe it to be naught but a concept of fiction.
    • Obtained through Witchcraft: Immortality is bestowed upon witches only by use of forbidden black magic, generally performed via sacrifices to ancient gods. An example of this is given by Scáthach, a witch who landed on the British North American colonies sometime during the 14th century. As of 2015, she still commits annual human sacrifices in the name of the Old Gods every October near an old mansion in North Carolina, aided by the ghosts of The Butcher and Roanoke Colony, whom she cursed in the late 1500s to eternally follow her will. Refusal to offer up sacrifices leads to immortality being revoked, often with dire repercussions. This is the case of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau; after she was rendered unable to satisfy her part of the pact with Papa Legba, the contract was made null and void by the Voodoo Loa and she was sent to hell as punishment for her actions in life.
    • Obtained through a Curse: In 1834, after unknowingly being tricked by Marie Laveau into drinking the witch's own tears, Delphine LaLaurie was granted immortality as a punishment by the Voodoo Queen for her torture of black slaves, who then buried Delphine in a wooden coffin which she remained trapped in for several centuries. In 2013 she was finally unearthed by Fiona Goode, who selfishly sought Delphine's secret of eternal life for herself. When Delphine finally got revenge on Marie Laveau by mutilating her and chopping up her limbs, the Voodoo Queen was physically unable to sacrifice the innocent soul Papa Legba requested of her per their yearly agreement, resulting in both her and Delphine's immortality being revoked. As a result, Queenie was able to murder Delphine to prevent her from continuing her violent, racist ways in the current era.
    • Obtained through Blood Virus: Afflicted of this ancient unknown blood virus become immortal at the cost of subsisting on a diet of fresh human blood, lest their lack of sustenance renders them to a mummy-like state, with bestial tendencies and an onset malady similar to a high fever. Despite their eternal lifespans, they can be killed via shotgun or laceration, from which they will bleed to death like a normal human.
  • Enhanced abilities: depending on the way immortality is obtained, immortals develop several preternatural traits. Some of them are shared by all immortals such as being unaging, while others are specific.
    • Ageless: Immortals appear at the same age they were when they were turned.
    • Specific Diet: Afflicted have human-like physiology, and their bodies continue to function normally as long as they have a steady diet of fresh human blood. As long as they are fed, Afflicted are also able to regenerate all non-lethal damage at an accelerated rate.
    • Superhuman Abilities: All the senses of Afflicted are enhanced, allowing them to become superior to humans in all way possible.
    • Magical Powers: Witches retain their ability to perform rituals and spells, as well as their active powers after becoming immortal.

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