A list of all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and queer characters in American Horror Story.

To date, there is always at least one respective LGBTQ character featured in every season of American Horror Story. This could be a nod to showrunner Ryan Murphy, who is himself an openly gay man.

Of the main 45 LGBTQ people thus far featured within the American Horror Story universe, there are only eight who are still alive: Lana Winters, Ally Mayfair-Richards and Ramona Royale survived the original timeline, whereas Andre Stevens, Stu, Behold Chablis, Gallant, Jeff Pfister, and Mutt Nutter all died in the original timeline until their deaths were reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum. Interestingly, all of the LGBTQ people who died in the original timeline thus far have been men.

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