These are pre-season and episodic teasers for Season 1 of American Horror Story.

Television Spots

Season 1 Trailer
Family Portrait

Pre-Season "Clue" Teasers

Clues are short promotional videos (some of them distinct from the ones on the two promotional webpages) that FX produced to promote the series and give clues as to the story line.

Cello (S1 Clue)
Baby (S1 Clue)
Couples (S1 Clue)
Coffin (S1 Clue)
Lying Down (S1 Clue)
Fire (S1 Clue)
Stairs (S1 Clue)
Melt (S1 Clue)
Red Cello (S1 Clue)
Rubber Bump (S1 Clue)

Episodic Teasers and Promos

Teaser S01E01
Teaser S01E02
Teaser S01E03
Teaser S01E04
Teaser S01E05
Teaser S01E06
Teaser S01E07
Teaser S01E08
Teaser S01E09
Teaser S01E10
Teaser S01E11
Teaser S01E12

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