"Chapter 7" is the seventh episode of Roanoke. It premiered October 26, 2016.


Tensions in the house start to build between the living while the dead begin to make their mark.


Following Rory's murder, Agnes, who is completely consumed by her role as The Butcher, murders Sidney Aaron James and his entire production team. Dominic discovers a pool of blood whre Rory was last seen, but Audrey brushes it off as Rory and Sidney pranking them when Rory leaves to work this Brad Pitt. Meanwhile, tensions in the house continue to rise as Matt, Shelby and Dominic argue about Shelby's infidelity, and Lee and Monet go back and forth about her alcoholism. The fighting is interrupted when Agnes appears and attacks Shelby, forcing Lee, Audrey, and Monet to go into the woods to find help.

On the way to find help, Audrey and Monet begin to encounter various supernatural occurrences that frighten them. Rory's corpse is discovered, having been gutted and suspended from a tree. Eventually, the three woman are kidnapped by the Polk family, and are taken back to their farm, where the Polks proceed to cut Lee's leg off and feed it to Audrey and Monet.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Dominic and Shelby come across Matt having sex with Scáthach. Matt admits that he came back to the house for Scáthach, causing Shelby to murder him in a violent rage. Then, Agnes lights a fire outside the house, demanding satisfaction from the occupants of it. Just then, Thomasin White (the real Butcher) and her ghostly mob surround Agnes and Thomasin kills Agnes by thrusting her cleaver into Agnes' face.


  • Audrey Tindall: "Oh, leave me alone! I'm not American, I'm not used to all this carnage!"


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