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Chaz Salvatore Bono (born March 4, 1969) is an American writer, musician, and actor. He is the child of American entertainers Sonny Bono and Cher, the latter of who was presumed to make a special guest appearance in the seventh season.

Work on American Horror Story[]

Chaz Bono has been a fan of American Horror Story since the series premiere. After he starred in the 2016 independent film Dirty, Bono visualized somehow getting the footage of that performance to AHS creator Ryan Murphy. He joined the cast of AHS in 2016 playing Brian Wells, an actor who portrays Lot Polk, an inbred cannibal for a made-for-TV documentary in the divisive sixth season, Roanoke.

He returned for the following instalment, Cult playing Trump supporter right-wing extremist Gary Longstreet. As per Chaz Bono's request, Gary was a cisgender man. Speaking to Out in SA, Chaz Bono stated that he see himself as a character actor, drawn to characters that are different from his lived experience. He does not excludes playing trans men in the future, however. [1]

Playing Gary Longstreet[]

"Actually, of all the characters I’ve played in my career, Gary is probably, in a lot of ways, the closest to me — at least he was at the beginning. I mean, [in season seven] I look like myself and sound like myself and wasn’t hiding behind any kind of makeup. At the beginning, I wanted to portray him as a regular guy — a white, working-class guy, not some horrific person or monster or anything like that. I wanted people to get to know him like that so his transformation [into a cult member] would have an impact. The character was a lot more subtle than what I did in Roanoke. I got that from the page, but I also wanted it to be bold."[1]


Episode appearances for Chaz Bono
Story or Series Character Episodes
Roanoke Brian Wells
Cult Gary Longstreet

From Chapter 1 to 5, Brian Wells re-enacts Lot Polk in "My Roanoke Nightmare".