Chester Creb is a chameleon salesman, magician, ventriloquist, and brief owner of Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. He is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris.


Chester was a salesman trapped in an unhappy marriage, because his wife had started a love affair with their neighbor, Alice. The obsession with magic tricks and ventriloquism are the refuge from Chester's psychosis, but also the trigger of murderous rage directed toward his wife and mistress of the latter.

Personality and Appearance


Chester Creb arrives at the Freak Show and is given the job of looking after the finances and performing his magic acts to warm up the crowd. Creb later asks Dot and Bette for their help as his assistants in his magic acts. Afterwards, Creb goes back to his tent and argues with his ventriloquist dummy, Marjorie. The twins then approach him and have sex with him. It is then shown in a flashback of Creb talking with his wifes mistress Alice, who expresses her feelings towards his psychotic state. The flashback ends with Creb seeing a human embodiment of his doll Marjorie telling him to kill Alice. He then expresses to Elsa how he is to take care of Marjorie as she has been going through hard times on the road. Creb then returns to his tent to find his doll is missing and later finds it with Dandy, who had been stalking him after realizing the twins had had relations with him. After finding Marjorie in the main tent, she tells him to kill the twins by sawing them in half. [1]

The group of freaks toasts in honor of Chester as the new owner of the Freakshow. Later on, he has a sexual encounter with the twins, yet this time Marjorie is watching. Bette asks Creb to put the doll away before they continue, which he does. Afterwards he converses with Marjorie about why she was thrown aside. She manipulates him into believing the twins will not love him for the crimes he has committed. He is then convinced he must kill the twins. Chester then runs through his new line ups for the show with his magic act and Marjorie as the final act. The girls then ask to no longer be his assistants and refuse to enter the magic box, with Maggie instead taking their place in the box. He then does a 'run-through' of the act. In a hallucination, he sees Alice and then Marjorie in the box. In a mad rage, he handcuffs Maggie's legs so she can't pull them through. He then saws her in half, killing her. When he pulls the two halves of the box apart, her intestines fall out and he snaps out of his delusion and realizes what he's done. He then goes back to his tent where he stabs Marjorie to death for ruining his happiness. Chester later turns up at the police station asking to be put in jail for murdering Marjorie.[2]

Associated Characters

Lucy Creb

Lucy Creb (full name: Lucille) is the wife of Chester and the bisexual lover of Alice.


Alice is the bisexual lover of Lucy.




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  2. Episode: Show Stoppers

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