Chet Clancy is an ex-Olympian hunk who catches Brooke's eye. He is a character in 1984 portrayed by Gus Kenworthy.


Despite his physique and commitment, Chet is an athlete who's disqualification from the Olympics prior to his drugs and drinking habits has left him petty with anger issues.

Personality and Appearance

Chet is egotistical of his muscular appearance, often boasting of his dedication and athletic background. He exceedingly abuses drugs and encourages his peers for a take. His rejection at the Olympics has devasted Chet, ultimately causing him to brew up rage issues and kicking off fights. Despite this, he appears vulnerable and charming around Brooke Thompson.


Chet is first seen at Xavier's aerobics class where he instantly has a liking for Brooke. They head up to Redwood for the summer and they hit a guy on the road and they take him with them. Margaret gives them a tour and they later sit by the campfire learning about Richter. The group follows Brooke into a cabin to see the hiker dead but he isn't there and they don't believe her. The group later watches the Olympics. Chet hurts Ray's hand and Chet apologizes but Ray doesn't care. 

Chet is along with the boys when they go take showers and they later find Blake's body and they go to leave in the van but they crash it thanks to Rita. They split up to go get the keys. Chet, Brooke, Rita, and Ray go in a cabin and they are attacked by Rameriez.

The group leaves after Rameriez breaks in and Chet saves Ray. Chet and Ray fall in a pit and Chet is severely hurt. Ray explains his past and he leaves Chet to die. Xavier and Trevor find Chet and they save him. They take him into a cabin but he almost dies and Trevor brings him back to health with an adrenaline rush. 

Chet later is among the group to see Blake's car ablaze and Xavier have a panic attack. Margaret knocks him out and they take him into a cabin. Margaret and Chet ride in a boat in the lake to go find help but Margaret kills him. 

Later at Margaret's festival opening, Chet goes to kill her but Montana talks him out of it. Benjamin goes to Redwood and the ghosts talk to him about Lavinia and Benjamin tells them about her.

Benjamin comes back again and the ghosts explain how they feel. Chet is seen in a flashback killing Margaret and Rameriez. One night, Chet and Bertie watch Rameriz and they kiss and Rameriz comes back but the ghosts kill him again. Chet is last seen awaiting his turn to kill Margaret in the afterlife for the rest of time.


  • Chet: "Ray's a choad. He left me to die. The cops are looking for him. He told me he killed someone in college."


  • He is the first, and until now the only, character portrayed by Gus Kenworthy in American Horror Story.
  • The official description reads, "Brooke's midriff-baring boyfriend Chet Clancy."[1] However, Chet and Brooke do not share a relationship beyond friendship and a possible mutual attraction in the show, thus never taking on a romantic relationship as initially indicated.
  • It is implied by Margaret in the fifth episode that Chet is actually gay. He is revealed to be bisexual in the season finale after Bertie mentions that she knows he "swings both ways", and Chet replies that he is "an equal opportunity ghost". This could be a nod to the actor who portrays Chet, Olympic skiier Gus Kenworthy, who although not bisexual, is gay in real life. 
  • Although Bertie claims that Chet slept with the ghosts of everyone in the camp after his own death and entrapment there, it is unknown with whom Chet specifically had sexual relations with, leaving what characteristics he finds to be sexually attractive in men and women ambiguous. It is unknown if Chet has a "type", such as those of similar athletic prowess as himself (as in the case of Brooke Thompson), or if he will have sex with anyone.
  • Chet and Trevor are the only main characters not to have a backstory shown through flashbacks.



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