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Cheyenne Jackson is an actor.


Cheyenne Jackson had started off his acting career in Seattle and then moved to New York where he was an understudy for Thoroughly Modern Millie and Aida. He then starred as Matthew in Altar Boyz. Later on, he got the leading role on Broadway in All Shook Up and won a theater world award for it. Since then, he has come out in bigger movies and has earned an Academy Award nomination for United 93.

Jackson is openly gay. He married entrepreneur Jason Landau in 2014. They are the fathers of two twins born in 2016. In 2021, Jackson sparked controversy online due to conversations around LGBTQIA+ representation and visibility. During his interview with Radio Andy, Jackson and Bruce Bozzi hinted at concerns from the transgender community, with Jackson reiterating that the "right person for the job should play that part." Jackson acknowledged the lack of equal opportunities before addressing criticism of playing a straight man in the sitcom Call me Kat. [1]

Work on American Horror Story[]

Cheyenne Jackson portrayed Will Drake, a fashion designer and an owner of Hotel Cortez, in the fifth season, Hotel. Alongside Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer, and Wes Bentley, Jackson portrays one of the light-eyed dark-haired men who gravitates around the Hotel Cortez, most of them as Elizabeth's lovers.

In the sixth season, Roanoke, Jackson portrayed Sidney Aaron James, the mind behind the horror docuseries "My Roanoke Nightmare". He played Dr. Rudy Vincent, a psychiatrist in the seventh installment, Cult. In Apocalypse, he's the warlock John Henry Moore.

Work on American Horror Stories[]

Cheyenne David Jackson (born July 12, 1975) is an American actor and singer-songwriter. His credits include leading roles in Broadway musicals and other stage roles, as well as film and television roles, concert singing, and music recordings.


  • Jackson was dubbed Broadway's sexiest man by the NY Post.
  • Jackson had previously worked for Ryan Murphy, with the role of Dustin Goolsby, the coach of "Vocal Adrenaline", on the second season of Glee.
  • He is one of the six members of the AHS Repertory Company to be credited in the title sequence in every season he appeared in.
  • All characters he portrayed in American Horror Story violently died before the end of each season they appeared on. Coincidentally, three of them died after having their throats slit. Two of them were murdered by characters portrayed by Kathy Bates.


Episode appearances for Cheyenne Jackson
Story or Series Character Episodes
Hotel Will Drake
Roanoke Sidney Aaron James
Cult Dr. Rudy Vincent
Apocalypse John Henry Moore