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The Child's Fable is a children's story with drawings located in the 1970's section of the "You're Going to Die in There" site.


Child's fable 1

Alex was really small and didn't know how to talk yet. But he had friends. Every night when his mom would put him in bed, he would play with a small monster with a really dark face.

Alex wasn't afraid of the monster because the monster told Alex all about dying and that it wasn't that bad. When Alex told his mom about the monster she sent him away to camp to get rid of his bad ideas.

Child's fable 2

Alex hated the camp, but it was okay because the dark monster came with him. After a week of trying to be a better baby, Alex got to go home. He promised his mom that he wouldn't talk to the monster again and Alex really tried.

Child's fable 3

But the monster knew so many things. He taught Alex things that most babies didn't know and Alex liked that. So they kept playing. And then the dark monster invited other friends to play: A black cat and a rhinoceras.

They were great animals and Alex loved them. But the dark monster told Alex that he had to kill them or else he would tell his mom about their playtime. So Alex asked the dark monster for a knife and he cut up the animals and put them in his drawer.

Child's fable 4

No one ever found the animals even though they looked and looked for twenty-four hours. It was hopeless but Alex knew where they were. And the dark monster never told Alex's mom about what he did, EVER.