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I get it, bitch, you're clairvoyant.
Madison Montgomery[src]

Clairvoyance is the ability to read the minds of others as well as project one's own thoughts into them. It is one of the magical abilities shown in Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Apocalypse. Lectio Animo is a variation of Clairvoyance.


Nan was born with this ability. She first displayed this power when she read Madison's mind about how she killed the director using telekinesis. She also reads Queenie's mind about how she is a virgin. She also read Delphine's mind and commented on how she is annoying her with her "loud thoughts", and later reads Zoe's mind and senses her love for Kyle. She also read Luke's mind about how his mother, Joan Ramsey, killed her husband. 

When Fiona was receiving chemotherapy, she could read the thoughts of the cancer patients in the room and commented on how she could never do that before.

Satan often enjoyed reading his victims' minds in order to see their secrets, such as Sister Jude's alcoholic past and the "murder" she committed to its own amusement.

Shachath had this power, too. She could hear dying people or people who wished to die "call" for her and came to them to bestow on them the Kiss of Death.

Papa Legba was able to hear Marie Laveau's desire to be immortal and he already knew what would be Cordelia's demand when she summoned him.

Edward Mordrake was known to have this ability. As a ghost who could collect souls, he came to Twisty to interview him. As Twisty could not speak fluently due to his mouth injury, he told Twisty to focus on his thought and memories and he would read them. Edward was also able to transmit Twisty's thoughts to other freaks whose souls he had collected as well, as he told Twisty he and his troupe was not moved by his story.

Michael Langdon refers that he is able to see into the dark parts of the soul, and seems to mostly worry about what makes people have rage.

Bubbles McGee is shown using "Lectio Animo," a variant of this power that she uses multiple times to get information on what men thought about her. She also used it to read the mind of the coven traitors, Grand Chancellor Ariel Augustus and Baldwin Pennypacker. Myrtle Snow described her gift as seeing the truth of one's soul; it may entail a more profound knowledge of a person than just their passing thoughts.

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  • Clairvoyance is featured in four seasons of American Horror Story: Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Apocalypse
  • Zombies are immune to clairvoyance, since they are mindless corpses raised from the dead by a necromancer to do their bidding, having no thoughts of their own. [3]
  • In the real world, the ability to hear thoughts (clairvoyance in AHS) is commonly known as "telepathy", whereas "clairvoyance" is defined as the ability of extrasensory perception (Divination in AHS).