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Claudia Bankson is an editor for Vogue. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Naomi Campbell.


Claudia Bankson is a Vogue editor who stays at the Hotel Cortez by invitation of new owner Will Drake.

Personality and Appearance[]

Claudia is a tall, beautiful woman with a slim body, eccentric behavior, and a fashionable eye. She is a star and is always current with the latest fashion trends. She does not hesitate to mock whoever about their clothing choices.


Claudia arrives at the Hotel Cortez to write an article on behalf of Vogue Magazine about the fashion event organized by Will Drake, with whom she is well acquainted. She coaxes John Lowe into accompanying her to the show.[1]

Bewitched by the hotel's charm, she decides to stay for a few days after the fashion show to help Will with interior design decisions. In her room, she hears strange noises and sees something in the mirror. Terrified, she goes to bed where she is attacked by Gabriel, who is sewn into her mattress. She is stabbed to death with the ice-pick she grabbed in defense. As a ghost, she begins haunting the hotel, mocking the fashion choices of Alex Lowe.[2]


  • To Alex Lowe: "Is this Hell? Nah. If this was Hell, I'd be the one in that awful Zara knock-off that you're wearing!"




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