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Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt is the privileged daughter of a billionaire and a captive of Outpost 3. She is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Leslie Grossman.


Once, Coco prevented her brother, Trevor, from eating a piece of bread with gluten in it. Trevor is discovered to have Celiac disease and Coco makes the realization that she is, in fact, a witch. Coco becomes enlisted by various Beverly Hills socialites to perform her powers for them until Coco's father chooses to admit her to Miss Robichaux's Academy. When at the Academy, Coco insists there is nothing special about her and her gluten-detector powers. However, Cordelia ensures that her powers will grow and that predicting or sensing danger is useful before enlisting Mallory to give Coco a tour of the Academy. At some point after this, Coco is officially admitted into the Academy.[1]

Personality and Appearance[]

In the timeline reversed by Mallory, Coco is a bossy and entitled woman who is seemingly in her 20's. Coco's personality in this timeline was crafted by Cordelia Goode and modelled after Madison Montgomery after Cordelia placed both Mallory and Coco under an amnesiac identity spell. She has aspirations of being a social media influencer but seems clueless about how to do so, enlisting the help of her younger personal assistant and hairdresser to help her in her efforts.[2]

Due to her affluent upbringing, Coco does not have some of the life skills that most people develop, relying on others to help get her through the day.[2]

Before the apocalypse, Coco dresses stylishly and ensures she always looks on trend. Upon her arrival at Outpost 3, she is forced to wear 18th-century style clothing due to her 'purple' status.[2] Mr. Gallant still regularly styles her hair to fit this look.[3]

Later in the series, Coco's true personality was shown to be much more positive. It was later revealed that she was first reluctant to enroll at Miss Robichaux's Academy because she thinks that she is not as talented as the other witches. But after some thorough encouragement from Cordelia, she finally accepted herself as a real witch.[1] She quickly became friends with Mallory, Queenie, and Zoe. She also showed loyalty to the Coven by accepting Cordelia's task to track down Ms. Mead and even risk her own life by trying to capture her.[4] Her loyalty was also seen unfading when she was just resurrected by Cordelia and stood up with them to fight Michael Langdon. Coco was also seen to have aspirations on finding a place where she truly belongs, very much same as Misty Day and to develop her skills to fulfill her desire of helping people with her powers.


In the timeline erased by Mallory, Coco is getting her hair styled by Mr. Gallant at a salon in Los Angeles in an attempt to launch her career as an Instagram Influencer. Everybody's phones suddenly receive an emergency alert that a ballistic missile is heading towards Los Angeles and to seek immediate shelter. Coco dismisses it as a hoax until her father FaceTimes her to tell her that the threat is real and that a missile is also about to hit Hong Kong, where he, her mother and brother are. He tells Coco that he has four places reserved for their family at a safe location but that they are not going to make it and instructs her to get into a car and go to Santa Monica airport where a private jet is waiting to take them to safety.[2]

On their way to the airport, Coco calls her boyfriend Brock and tells him to meet her at the airport. Coco's personal assistant Mallory tells Coco that she needs to go home but Coco begs her to stay, telling her she would be lost without her and offers her brother's ticket, to which Mallory agrees. As they arrive at the airport, Mr. Gallant and his grandmother Evie show up. Mr. Gallant tells Coco that he heard her father say there were four spaces and that he and Evie are here to take the remaining two. Coco tells him that they can't as Brock is on his way, but Mr. Gallant tells her that he'll never make it in time due to the chaos on the roads. Coco reluctantly agrees and calls Brock, who tells her that he is stuck in traffic. She sees a group of men coming to try and steal the plane and is forced to leave Brock behind, boarding the plane before the men can take it.[2]

Onboard the plane, Mallory goes to the cockpit to ask the pilots where they are going but finds that the plane is unmanned. Suddenly, the missile hits Los Angeles and the plane begins to rock violently, but it restores itself quickly. Coco, Mallory and Mr. Gallant look out of the window to see a mushroom cloud rising where Los Angeles has been destroyed.[2]

A few weeks later, Coco is struggling to adapt to life at Outpost 3. She has been given purple status and is made to wear 18th-century clothing. Mallory, who has been made a gray, asks Coco if she has spoken to Ms. Venable about being made a purple, but Coco tells her that Venable scares her.

After eating her cube for dinner, Coco protests that she is still hungry and demands better food for the $100 million ticket price. Venable overhears this and slaps her to the shock of everyone at the dinner table, causing Coco to back down. Coco is later horrified when the group realizes Stu has been served as dinner, telling Mallory to come and stick her fingers down her throat so she can vomit up the human flesh in her system.[2]

Eighteen months pass without the residents of Outpost 3 being rescued and they gradually lose hope that help is coming. After being told by Venable that they are cutting down to one meal a day, Coco questions the point of the entire operation as she believes they are just waiting around to find out how they die.[2]

After the arrival of Michael Langdon, Coco listens to him discuss the rules of getting into the Sanctuary. She insults Evie's age and chances of getting into the sanctuary. She is later seen sitting with Evie and Dinah, where she states that the only reason for nostalgia is because of the lack of options.[5]

During her interview with Michael, she says that Mallory is a screw-up and that she has tried to fire her many times, but found it easier to keep her around. She and Gallant are shown excited at Venable's party announcement. As Gallant does her hair, she theorizes that the party is an excuse to announce who is going to the sanctuary. She then rubs it in to Mallory, Mallory tells them of the incident with Michael but they don't believe her. She tells Mallory to prove she has powers by making flames shoot out of the fireplace. When she fails, Coco discourages her.[3]

During the party, she spots a masked figure she believes to be Michael. She seduces him to her room, but when he takes off his mask, it is Brock. Coco says that she misses him, but he dosen't believe her and stabs her in the head, killing her.[3] She is later revived by Cordelia Goode, alongside Mallory and Dinah, revealing her to be a witch.[6]


Coco is a natural born witch who has manifested one of the Seven Wonders.

  • Divination - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to gain knowledge through indirect means.
    • Danger Detection - An unusual skill, Coco has the power to detect imminent danger, for example, stopping her brother from eating gluten, after which it was revealed he had a gluten allergy.[1] Upon meeting Cordelia Goode, Coco was told that her ability was not just gluten detection, but the ability to detect danger. She used it with more serious goals at Cordelia's behest to identify Ms. Mead as the satanist traitor.[4]
      • Gluten Detection - The magical ability to detect if food has gluten in it or not. Coco was able to sense that a biscotti had gluten in it, stopping her brother from eating it.[1]
      • Calorie Detection - The magical ability to detect how many calories food has.[4]
      • Location Detection - The magical ability to detect where someone is. Coco used this ability to track Miriam Mead to a grocery store.[4]


  • Coco: "For a hundred million dollars a ticket, I expect goddamn Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen cooking us real food!"
  • Coco: "I have a rule against eating things with no legs or too many legs."
  • Coco: "Just don't let me die again, okay? It really sucked the first time."
  • To Cordelia Goode: "I would do anything for the coven."
  • To Mallory before the Identity Spell: "How could I be mean to you? You've taught me everything I know. You saved my life. You are my best friend, Mallory, and I am so sorry for whatever comes out of my mouth on the other side."
  • To Mallory: "Are you trying to fucking poison me this taste like turtle shit."


  • She is the third character portrayed by Leslie Grossman. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • She is one of the first Apocalypse characters to have been confirmed.[7]
  • Leslie Grossman described Coco as "she's what the kids call "extra"."[8]
  • Leslie Grossman partially based her interpretation of Coco on Tinsley Mortimer from The Real Housewives. She thinks that Coco is not burdened by any sort of conscience, and described her as ruthless and self-focused.[9]
  • Coco and Bubbles McGee are the only known main witches not shown using Telekinesis.
  • She claims she got into Harvard.
  • Coco is the second of two characters to dress up as Marie Antoinette for a Halloween party; the first is Elizabeth, a vampire.

Associated Characters[]

Mr. St. Pierre Vanderbilt[]

Mr. St. Pierre Vanderbilt is Coco's billionaire father.

He admitted Coco to Miss Robichaux's Academy after he had discovered her power, although Coco was reluctant at first.[1]

In April 2020, while Coco is getting her hair styled in a hair salon, everybody's phones suddenly receive an emergency alert that a ballistic missile is heading towards Los Angeles and to seek immediate shelter. The World War III has begun and nuclear bombs are dropping. Coco dismisses it a hoax until her father immediately FaceTimes her to tell her that the threat is real and that a missile is also about to hit Hong Kong, where he, Coco's mother and brother are. He tells Coco that he has four places reserved for their family at a safe location but that they are not going to make it and instructs her to get into a car and go to Santa Monica airport where a private jet is waiting to take them to safety. The call suddenly cuts off.[2]