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Little do they know all they have to do to get their wishes granted was come down here to the Ninth Ward and get their hair braided.
Fiona Goode[src]

Cornrow City is a hair salon located in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans and the Voodoo emporium of Marie Laveau. It is also the location of her inner sanctum, wherein she performs her rituals and spells.



Chantal works for Marie as an all-around worker at Cornrow City but is also a practitioner in Voodoo. She mentions growing up hearing the stories of Marie's magic where she is regarded as the hero.

She tries to prevent Marie from summoning the zombies but goes along when Marie gives a powerful speech rationalizing the need to retaliate. She dies when Hank ambushes the salon and uses two pistols and shoots her in the stomach as she screams in pain.


Chantal was a powerful Voodoo practitioner.

  • Voodoo Spellcraft - Chantal had an extensive knowledge of Voodoo rituals and spells.
    • Reanimation Ritual - A ritual to revive and control the corpses in the form of zombies.


Gummy is a salon hairdresser at Cornrow City, it is unknown if she is a practitioner of Voodoo. When Hank invaded the salon, she tries to stop him with a blade but was shot down. She is last seen lying on the ground dead.


Cora was a salon hairdresser in the time of 1961. Her son was lynched for being registered to De La Salle High School in New Orleans, an original exclusive all-white school, turned integrated. While she was working, ironically, she was telling Marie and other women doubtful of her choice for her son's education that she had hope for the future, which is why she took a risk in sending her son there. She was later devastated to learn about her son's fate.

In the present time, she is seen again to be pampered by Marie Laveau for the Mayor's Annual Halloween Ball, and when she tries to pay Marie, the latter refuses payment and even gives her money out of her jar, saying she needs it more.


Chinwe is one of the messengers of Marie Laveau. He escorts Cordelia to Marie Laveau to the questioning for a fertility ritual. Chinwe was later at Hank's apartment during the Voodoo pinning warning, saying "Marie Laveau sends her regards". He took a shotgun blast to his gut as Hank invaded the Salon.