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Courtney is Margaret's personal assistant. He is a character in 1984 portrayed by Leslie Jordan.


Courtney's background is unknown except that sometime when Margaret became famous, she hired him as her personal assistant.

Personality and Appearance[]

Courtney has frizzy, short brown hair. He is usually wearing rock and roll clothing. Courtney is short and flamyboant. He is in his 60s.


Courtney is first seen telling Margaret about Brooke and he later tells her that two bodies where found at Redwood and Margaret is overjoyed. He is later seen at Margaret's convention on Redwood. He introduces Margaret to Kajagoogoo. Later that night, Margaret makes Courtney bring Kajagoogoo a basket of goodies only to find their dead bodies. Margaret makes him dispose of the bodies and while he does, he notices their ghosts. Courtney is shot by Margaret in front of Ramirez and Bruce. Courtney later participates in the murder of Margaret. Courtney kills Ramirez in the afterlife to keep Bobby safe. Courtney is last seen awaiting his turn to torture Margaret.


  • Courtney to Margaret: "You announced the festival so quickly, we've barely had time to do anything. We haven't locked in a caterer, and don't get me started on hydration."
  •  Courtney to Margaret: "I wouldn't say the worst..." (Margaret shoots him)