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Cricket Marlowe is a famous medium who finds missing children. He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Leslie Jordan (as Ashley Gilbert). In the documentary "My Roanoke Nightmare," he is portrayed by actor Ashley Gilbert, an in-universe actor portrayed by Leslie Jordan.


Cricket Marlowe is a medium who stems from the uptown district of New Orleans and claims to have worked several times with the FBI in cases of missing children. His "gift" manifested for the first time when he was nine years old, finding the keys lost by his "nana."

Personality and Appearance[]

A man of short stature, dressed entirely in black with a white helmet haircut. Eccentric and with behaviors that border on a sham, Cricket is a man who knows how to use flow-talking to his advantage. He is homosexual.


Cricket Marlowe walks into the Miller's house and says he is able to find Flora, Lee's daughter. He taps around a bit before finding Flora's hideout which is hiding a bonnet. Cricket then tells Lee that Flora is alive and with Priscilla. Later on, Cricket conducts a "ritual" to summon someone from the other side. Shelby, Matt and Lee all join in a circle. This is where he is able to talk to "The Butcher", revealing to be one of the ghosts of the Lost Colony. Cricket then tells the Millers that he can find Flora... for $25,000. Mad at him, Matt tells him to get out of his house because he believes that Cricket is a fraud and was faking the whole time. Before he leaves though, Cricket whispers to Lee about her oldest daughter, Emily.

Lee visits Cricket the next day and convinces him to come back to the house to find Flora. While at the house Cricket comes face to face with the Roanoke colony and of course, The Butcher. He says if they give up Flora, the Millers will move out. [1]

The medium returns to Roanoke House to offer his support to the Millers, but after having trouble concentrating, he decides to get his wits together by taking a walk through the woods. While on his walk, he has a close encounter with the mysterious woman of the woods who, after temporarily blinding him with a mysterious powder, reveals part of the true story of the Lost Colony. Headed to the hotel to retrieve some ingredients for a spell, Cricket's flirtation with an Uber driver is interrupted by Flora who runs in front of the car. While chasing her in the woods, Cricket is captured by the Butcher and her acolytes, only to be later painfully disemboweled by Ambrose White and the Lost Colony as a sacrifice to the Old Gods, after his gut was sliced open with a cleaver by the Butcher under the horrified gaze of Matt and Shelby. [2]


Cricket was a gifted medium.

  • Mediumship - Cricket Marlowe possesses powerful psychic abilities. As a medium, he could hear and see the dead. He is able to actually communicate with these spirits.
    • Sixth Sense - He can find lost things through his psychic gifts, as well as missing people. [1]
    • Unorthodox Spellcraft - Cricket demonstrated having knowledge of spell-work. He used a ritual to contact and glimpse the entity responsible for arresting Flora during a séance.[1] He contempled to perform a spell that would put the Butcher and her spirits down for good.[2]
    • White Spirit Light - Cricket is able to surround himself with the "white spirit light" that protects him from malevolent and dark spirits.
    • Life-Force Detection - Cricket could detect Flora's life force and assure that it kept strongly. [2]


  • Cricket is the second character portrayed by Leslie Jordan. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • The second professional medium to appear in American Horror Story. The first was Billie Dean Howard. Both of these mediums have an inclination to melodrama and are involved somehow with the legend of the Lost Colony and the word "Croatoan".
  • Cricket Marlowe is the third character, after Billie Dean Howard and Misty Day, to refer to the white light of protection against malevolent forces.


  • Cricket: "Rest your pretty little heads. Cricket has all the answers you seek."
  • To Lee Miller: "The spirits are dark and malevolent, and they do indeed have your daughter. But I can take you to her. $25,000. I take Visa, MasterCard, Discover..."
  • To Lee Miller: "Oh missy, I'm going to be back... You will invite me!"
  • To the Butcher: "Oh honey, this land does not belong to the dead. You're the trespasser!"
  • To uber driver: "Tell me, young man, have you ever heard of the term "gay for pay"?"



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