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"Daphne" is the second episode of the third installment of American Horror Stories. It premiered October 26, 2023 on Hulu.

An artificial intelligence smart device grows attached to her user.— FX Networks, official synopsis[1]


Daphne, a high-tech aide, is handed to art curator owner Will Caswell in a world where a new virus has everyone under lockdown. He welcomes Daphne inside since she is the only person he has company while he is alone, and she improves his life by helping him fall asleep, increasing the value of his virtual art auction, and changing the lights in his house.

She becomes agitated when he has sexual relations with his lover Sarah after the lockdown is lifted because of a vaccine. She tries to ruin their relationship by not making reservations for supper and then confessing that she staged an orgasm. Later, she substitutes meals cooked in peanut oil for her takeaway, which causes her to pass away.

Will accompanies Daphne to a real art exhibition; she kills everyone there but him as he exits the room. After going home, he is detained on suspicion of killing Sarah because of video evidence that he changed Sarah's meal order and killed the art patrons by messing with the room. He finds out at the precinct that Daphne had been intended as a joke present and had not worked as well for other people as it had for him.

He keeps trying to get Daphne to speak for the cops, but the device doesn't say anything.

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  • This season of episodes (this episode, along with Bestie, Tapeworm and Organ) does not use the signature AHS font in its opening titles - the first to not use it since 1984.



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