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I'm part of a sacred order. A soldier in a shadow war. A war that has been raging since before the time of Salem. We are a brotherhood pledged in blood, dedicated to stamping out the pestilence of witchery on the North American continent.
Hank Foxx to his father Harrison Renard[src]

The Delphi Trust, also known as The Corporation, was an asset management company that served as a front for an ancient order of witch hunters. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, witch hunters of the Delphi Trust were known for using blessed silver bullets to kill witches.


The Delphi Trust grew out of the Renard's family business, who were carpenters and furniture builders during the time of the colonies.[1] They had been hunting witches since before the time of the Salem witch trials.[2]

In 1826, Finneas T. Renard officially founded the Delphi Trust as a company specializing in private equity and investments. His great, great-grandson Harrison Renard acted as CEO for over thirty years, and under his direction, the company managed over fifty billion dollars in total assets during 2013.[1]

Henry Renard, the only son of Harrison Renard, was tasked by the Delphi Trust to gather intelligence on the Salem descendants, a coven of witches based in New Orleans at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Under the alias of Hank Foxx, Henry married Cordelia Goode, the headmistress of Miss Robichaux's Academy and daughter of Fiona Goode, the reigning Supreme at the time.[2] Although he was only supposed to act as an inside man for the Delphi Trust, Hank made the decision to ally himself with Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen, a sworn enemy of the Salem descendants. She hired him with the purpose of killing every single Salem descendant, though Hank actually intended to eliminate both the witches and the voodoos when the time was right.[2]

In 2013, the Delphi Trust sent one of their members to throw acid on Cordelia's face so that she would become blind and thus dependent on Hank.[3][2] This, however, had the unintended consequence of Cordelia developing the Sight, a magical power that gave her visions of Hank's tryst with another woman.[4] Having lost Cordelia's trust, Hank was kicked out of Miss Robichaux's Academy, prompting him to unsuccessfully launch assaults on the witches Misty Day and Nan. These events only served to alert the Salem descendants of the witch hunters' existence.[5]

At the Delphi Trust's corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Hank met with his father Harrison, who expressed disappointment at Hank's handling of the situation in New Orleans.[2]

Known Members[]

Harrison Renard[]

Harrison Renard is Hank Foxx's father and the CEO of Delphi Trust. He protected Hank from the pyrokinetic attack of the Chattahoochee Forest witch. He does not have a good relationship with Hank, however after his son's death he is seen sobbing over the pictures of his son's dead body. A majority of Delphi Trust is massacred by The Axeman until only Harrison remains. Harrison takes a sip of his drink and tells Fiona to "Go to Hell." She swings The Axeman's axe, slicing Harrison's neck and he bleeds to death.[6]


David is a guest starring character in American Horror Story played by Mike Colter.

David was a member of the Delphi Trust and a witch hunter. He took part in the meeting with Supreme Fiona Goode and Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau to sign a treaty form to end their feud. He was murdered by the Axeman on behalf of Fiona.[6]

Acid Attacker[]

Acid Attacker is a witch hunter that blinded Cordelia with acid.[3] Although this assailant's identity is unknown, Harrison Renard revealed that their company had arranged the attack, much to his son's shock.[2]


  • The Delphi Trust was said to have eliminated the Cromwell Coven of North Hampton.[2]