Dora Brown is the maid of Gloria Mott and her son, Dandy Mott. She is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Patti LaBelle.


Dora was a working-class mother of an only child, Regina. Dora worked as the housemaid for Gloria Mott at the Mott Manor in Jupiter, Florida. She finds Dandy obnoxious and can barely stand to work for his mother. Dandy threatened Dora with a kitchen knife on the evening of Halloween, looming over her wordlessly as she mouthed off to him. Dora tells Dandy that he doesn't have the guts to kill her. He has a tantrum, storming out of the room.[1]

That night, Dandy makes his way to Twisty's caravan and joins him in tormenting the captives. They manage to escape, and Dandy gives chase. When he returns to Twisty's campground, he finds the clown's body lying in the dirt. He takes Twisty's half mask and adopts his murderous persona.[2]

Dandy returns to Mott manor by morning. He enters the dining hall to find Dora, who holds a tray with Gloria's breakfast. Dora admonishes Dandy for still wearing his Halloween costume in November, and instructs him to take the breakfast tray up to his mother. Dandy doesn't reply, but moves closer and grips a knife. Dora reiterates that she isn't afraid of him, and once again instructs him to take the tray from her and bring breakfast to his mother. When Dandy doesn't make a sound, Dora gives up and says that she'll take the tray herself. Dandy lashes out and this time he slashes Dora across the neck. Dora drops the tray and collapses to the floor, bleeding out on the tiles.[3]

When Gloria finds the body in the morning, Dandy tries to pretend he didn't kill her and exclaims that someone must have broken into the house in the night. He says that he doesn't know who did it, but Gloria doesn't fall for it and scolds him. Dandy doesn't bother to keep up his pretense of innocence and tells his mother that he'll help her get rid of Dora's body. They later bury Dora's body in the yard.[4]

Not too long after Dandy kills Gloria, Dora's daughter Regina comes to the Mott residence to inquire about her mother's whereabouts, where Dandy openly admits he murdered Dora. Regina notices blood on the wall and asks if it is Dora's and Dandy tells her no, the blood is his mother's.[5]



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