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"Drive" is the third episode of the second installment of American Horror Stories. It premiered August 4, 2022 on Hulu.


A club girl's life is turned upside down when the nightlife begins following her home.[1]


Piper and Marci dance in a crowded club. They're disappointed in the selection of men, but one spots Wyatt, a guy she likes at the bar. Piper leaves her, and Wyatt approaches. After dancing, they have sex in the back seat of her car. He accuses her of thinking he's a disposable conquest, and she tells him to get out of her car. Marci is later chased by a Jeep signaling her with horn and headlights, which eventually collides into her sports car. She escapes, and drives into a dilapidated car wash to hide. She sees a man is the Jeep's driver as it passes.

She describes her night to her husband Chaz. He warns her that the news has said the club scene is unsafe and she should avoid the clubs. He offers to escort her for safety, but she accuses him of being possessive. Their open marriage has beome frustrating for him, and he is concerned about their lost intimacy. She awakes in the middle of the rainy night and checks that the front door is secure, though she hears strange noises and investigates. The wine cellar had an open window, and Chaz finds her there closing and locking it.

The next day, Marci and Piper discuss Chaz's reaction to their open marriage, now in its eight month. Piper mentions that Marci's experience from the night before was similar to an urban legend: one where the pursuing vehicle was trying to warn a woman about a murderous stowaway in her back seat. Marci says no serial killer or urban legend will stop her from going out.

Later, Marci brings a woman to orgasm in her car and finds Piper glaring at them from outside. Piper is annoyed at being ditched again for Marci's hookups. Marci is trying not to be judgmental, but Marci insults her. This drives Piper away, and Marci re-enters the club. She spots Chaz and accuses him of spying on her. He initially says he is there to have fun, but eventually admits he is keeping an eye on her. He leaves her behind at her angry urging. She exists some time later and spots the Jeep from the other night. She follows the driver, reciting his license plate number, before he ditches her in a side street.

The next day, Chaz says their marriage is not working and that she seems to have lost all interest in him. She says it isn't true, and that she is hungry for more than he was providing. He tells her he will find an apartment and move out while they figure out the rest. Meanwhile, her web search for the plate number names "Paul Theodore Winowski" as the Jeep's owner. Rather than continue the serious discussion with her husband, she is more interested in finding more about Winowski — causing Chaz to walk away before she realized he was gone.

Marci tracks Paul's social media to his workplace, where he sells upscale kitchen supplies. He offers her a set of carbon steel knives, and demonstrates how they feel in her hand (flirting with her in the process). When she says she's not much of a cook, he suggests they could be used to get rid of her boyfriend. She says she has a husband (which disappoints him), but he mentions that the knives would work just as well on a husband. Shaken, she leaves the store quickly.

Having tracked Paul to his home, she enters it that night while he showers. She arms herself with a knife from the kitchen as she searches the house. He has news clippings of missing people on a pinboard in his bedroom. She quickly hides under his desk as he dresses. When she hears the front door open and close, she emerges. He has not actually left, and he holds a baseball bat prepared to swing at her in defense. She meets his accusation with the knife. He recognizes her from the store. She questions him about why he was following her, and he says he was trying to warn her of someone he saw in her back seat. He thought the next night it was the killer following him. She tries to thank him for saving her, but insists no one was in her car besides herself. She slips in close, flirting with him, and covertly injects his neck with a syringe. He responds violently, choking her, until Chaz hits him from behind with a bat. Once Paul is unconscious, Chaz says he was worried about her. He also advises her to use something stronger, as whatever is in the syringe doesn't act quickly enough.

At their own home, Marci says she is sore but unhurt. Chaz says he found an apartment and will help her finish up "one last time" once she is done downstairs. Marci takes some towels to a secure room hidden in the wine cellar, where Paul is awake but bound and gagged. She details to him what is to happen. The man in her back seat (who refused to get out of the car when she told him to) was her sixth victim, which she considers a public service ridding the world of "entitled assholes" who end up buried in her cellar. Now, though, Paul is a witness who contacted the police. She stabs him in the leg as punishment for damage to her car. Men like him, she says, made her life difficult growing up as they bullied her for "port-wine stain" birthmarks on her face and neck. Though she covers them now with makeup, the scars from the bullying stayed.

Marci clips off one of Paul's fingers. She says finding Chaz, who understood her, was everything in her trauma recovery. Rather than prolong his suffering, she intends to behead him quickly with a machete. She stops herself, saying this is wrong and has been wrong for a while. She moves to leave, and tells Paul not to go anywhere — as she lodges the machete blade into the side of his skull. Upstairs, she tells Chaz that she doesn't want to do this anymore without him. She wants him to do more than bury the bodies, and this can be something they share. They agree to start a new tradition between them, and together they work on their next victim: Piper.

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  • Nico Greetham previously portrayed Zinn in The Naughty List, from the first season of American Horror Stories. This makes him the first cast member to appear in both season one and two of the spin-off.

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