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Dunaway is the manager of the Ascension Bar, an exclusive gay clubhouse. She is a character in NYC portrayed by Sis.



Dunaway welcomes Adam Carpenter to the Ascension Club, introducing him to the rules of membership. As he is a guest of Theo Graves, she makes an exception. Adam asks questions about the Mai Tai Killer by showing a flyer. To Dunaway he looks like any other white boy but refuses to let him post them or the club will look like a sleazy bus stop. In the course of the evening, both Whitely and Big Daddy show up. Dunaway realizes they have been locked in and sees Big Daddy throw a Molotov cocktail, setting fire to the club with the patrons still inside. Dunaway suffered deep burns on her left side of the body. At the ER, she warns Theo that "the fire is coming," and to Dr Hannah Wells that something is coming not just for the gay community, but for all. [1]

Personality and Appearance[]

Dunaway is a transgender woman, she has a kind but also flirtatious personality, she was seen wearing a turban on her head and a bright turquoise dress adorned with a belt, along with gray heels, a ring and long earrings.


  • To Adam: "To be a member you must be open, you must be employed, and you must never bore me."
  • Dunaway: "I'd rather die than surrender my style."
  • To Theo: "The fire is coming."



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