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Dylan is the actor who portrayed Ambrose White and Piggy Man in "My Roanoke Nightmare". He is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Wes Bentley.


Before his tenure as an actor in My Roanoke Nightmare, Dylan served two tours in Afghanistan, apart of SEAL Team Six. He and another soldier carried a man and shot enemies for six miles over uneven terrain at 5,000 feet in two hours.

Personality and Appearance[]

Dylan is very focused on his work and does what ever he wants to do including working as an actor and a soldier, he will also save any people that are in trouble, thinking that he can from being a soldier.


Dylan arrives at the Roanoke House, ordered by Sidney to come. This is because Sidney felt as though by the last day, he would have to spice things up. However, Dylan discovers that Lee and Audrey are the only ones left. The trio rush to the Polk farm where they get the tapes back and find Monet, alive. Lee, Audrey, and Monet rush back to the car where Dylan was waiting. However, Lot Polk stabbed Dylan and fled before the last night of the blood moon officially started. Audrey and Monet lose Lee and desert Dylan and decide to go back to the house as a refuge. Later, Dylan is seen by Sophie Green and Milo being disemboweled by Ambrose White, whom he ironically played in My Roanoke Nightmare.[1]


  • To Audrey Tindall and Monet Tumusiime: "This production is a shit show. I've been in a motel for the past three days without a word from anyone. No one's returned my calls or my manager's calls. All I know is I have a call time and explicit instructions from Sidney to be out front of the house with a pig man costume on. I'm not going to get fired or fined just because they're disorganized."
  • To Audrey and Monet: "Look, I like acting, but where I come from, when you don't follow orders or show up on time, people die."
  • To Audrey and Monet: "I served two tours in Afghanistan, SEAL Team Ten. Another soldier and I carried a buddy twice as big, and shot up much worse than you six miles over uneven terrain at 5,000 feet in two hours. And I don't know what the ghosts have here, but the people hunting us had AK-47s and RPGs."




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