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The Eisenhower Household is a (now historical) former residential home for former US President, Dwight Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie. It serves as one of the central locations of Double Feature: Death Valley.


The home that Dwight and Mamie lived in is not the same house that they originally purchased. This home, and the property it sits on, evolved over time. The original owner of the property, Quinton Armstrong, built a two-story log cabin on the spot in the 1750s. In the 1830s, a brick veneer was added to the exterior of the original log structure. This was the structure that the Eisenhowers purchased.

Over the course of the 1800s, this property also changed hands several times. At the time of the Civil War, the farm was owned by John Biesecker who rented to Adam Bollinger. The Bollinger family watched Confederate forces march across the farm fields on July 2, 1863, during the Battle of Gettysburg. The farm was outside the main areas of combat but still suffered damage from artillery, trampling, and looting. One of the double log barns on the grounds may have been used by the Confederates as a field hospital. In 1886, John Biesecker sold the farm to John and Sarah Plank who owned the property until the early 1900s. The Planks built the large bank barn which still stands next to the house today. When Dwight and Mamie purchased this Gettysburg farm, they intended to live out a quiet retirement here. However, Dwight D. Eisenhower was pulled back into public service and the quiet retirement the Eisenhowers imagined when they purchased the property was put on hold.[1]


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