Emily Campbell is a young woman whose exceptional DNA secured her a place at Outpost 3. She is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Ash Santos.


Emily was arrested by the police for protesting. This event was later reversed by Mallory during her use of Tempus Infinituum, which created a new timeline where Emily met Timothy Campbell during her street protest.

Personality and Appearance




  • She is the first character portrayed by Ashley Santos in American Horror Story.[1]
  • It has been theorized by fans that she may be the long-lost first daughter of Lee Harris, who mentioned in Roanoke that she had a daughter named Emily who went missing.
  • Because it was Timothy and Emily's child became the 'new antichrist', it's possible this is the reason they were brought to Outpost Three in the erased timeline, as it was previously stated they were chosen due to their "genetics".


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