Evie Gallant is a glamorous lady held captive at Outpost 3. She is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Joan Collins. She's the grandmother of Mr. Gallant.


Personality and Appearance

Evie's lifestyle of wealth and greed is clear in her appearance: a beautiful octogenarian, Evie has large, professionally styled brown hair and dresses herself in expensive clothes and beautiful jewellery.


Evie is complaining to her maid, Esmerelda, that she burned the champagne by leaving it in the freezer for too long, but Esmerelda tells her that it is the end of the world and leaves. Gallant arrives and tells Evie that they need to go as a missle is about hit Los Angeles. Evie seems unphased, saying that it is probably fake news and going to call Donald Trump, but Gallant tells her the threat is real and and forces her to leave.

Gallant and Evie arrive at the airstrip where Coco's private jet is waiting. Gallant tells Coco that he overheard her father saying there were four places reserved and that he and Evie are taking the remaining places. Coco says they can't as Brock is on his way, but Gallant tells her he won't make it in time due to the chaos on the roads. She reluctantly agrees and they board the plane.

Onboard, Mallory discovers that the plane is unmanned. The missile hits Los Angeles and the plane violently rocks, but it ultimately restores itself.

Sometime later, Evie is living at Outpost 3 with Gallant, Coco and several others. She has been given purple status due to having attended the Oscars and being best friends with Natalie Wood.

At dinner, Evie enjoys the stew made from Stu. When others recoil in disgust as they find human bones in the meat, Evie says that she doesn't care what it is and that it's divine and full of fiber, vying to finish every last drop. After dinner, Andre calls Evie a monster for continuing to eat the stew after they all realized what it was, but she affirms that it was chicken, not human, meat. 

Eighteen months later, Evie and the rest of the group are still trapped at Outpost 3 awaiting rescue. At dinner, Venable announces that due to declining supplies, they are going to cut back to one meal a day, which Evie calls "an effective dieting technique".[2]


  • To Gallant: "Darling, you don't know what disappointment is until you've slept with Yul Brynner."
  • Evie Gallant (about the Stu stew): "I don't care what it is. It's absolutely divine. And it's full of fiber. I'm going to finish every drop."


  • She is the first character portrayed by Joan Collins.
  • Although her role was revealed in April 2018, her name was kept a secret until premiere week.[3]
  • She claims to be 52 years old.
  • Collins' lines about burned champagne pay homage to her role as Alexis Colby in the soap opera Dynasty, referring to a scene where Alexis shares a terse conversation with Dominique Devereaux, who slights her by saying she serves freezer-burnt champagne.



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