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This is a revolution!
Kai Anderson to Meadow Wilton[src]

Fear is Truth (FIT) was a cult that arose in Brookfield Heights, Michigan in late 2016, founded and led by Kai Anderson. The members wore morbid clown costumes designed by one of the original members. They would only wear these costumes during every killing spree they had. They did this with the purpose of spreading mass fear to weave political chaos. The polarizing turmoil they created was so elaborately orchestrated in order to help aid their leader’s quest for the presidency.


In 2016, FIT was founded by Kai Anderson after being spurred by his psychiatrist to direct his own rage to a useful purpose. FIT consisted of ten members and over thirty soldier-level members. The majority of inner-circle members were killed, most by each other. The only survivors included Ally Mayfair-Richards and Beverly Hope, with the sadistic leader Kai Anderson being shot in the head by Beverly Hope during a conference for political elections. Therefore, FIT became inactive.

Inner-circle members[]

The inner circle performs rituals devised by "Divine Ruler" Kai, while wearing clown regalia. The wearers of the clown costumes are concealed in the early episodes of the story and represent significant plot points. As well, some costumes are worn by multiple members throughout the story.

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Soldier-level members[]

Other members at the operating level joined during and after Kai's run for senate. They adopt uniforms, sleep in the communal basement of the Anderson House, and renounce their former identities in favor of names assigned by Kai.

Speed Wagon[]

Before joining FIT, Speed Wagon was caught with ecstasy pills. In exchange for dropping the charges, Speed Wagon was tasked to infiltrate Kai's soldiers. Eventually, he was discovered as a mole by Ally, who fatally stabbed him.


Gutterball is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Kaiwi Lyman. Gutterball is a man collected by Kai to be his watch guard. He watches over Kai and makes sure he is safe. Gutterball is shot to death by Beverly right before he goes to kill on Kai's behalf.


  • The "Flops" clown was the first of several hints dropped by Ryan Murphy on his Instagram account to promote the seventh season. [8]