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"Final Girl" is the ninth episode of 1984. It premiered November 13, 2019.


Camp Redwood draws in a lost soul looking for closure.[1]


In 2019, a young man takes an uber to Camp Redwood's location. The uber driver tells him that there is nothing here and the young man decides to walk the way to the camp.

The young man arrives at the deserted camp. The musical festival set-up is still up and is old and worn. The young man takes photos through his phone and he is startled by Montana Duke. She is curious about his cellular device and doesn't believe that it's an actual phone. The young man is baffled when she asks what the year is and he tells her it's 2019. Montana is in disbelief over how much time has passed. She tells the young man that he's the first person she's seen in years. Montana also warns the young man to leave this place, because the ghosts will likely kill him. The young man refuses and is only here to find his father. He tells her his name is Bobby Richter and Montana realizes that he's Benjamin Richter's son.

Inside a cabin, Bobby goes through a binder full of photos. He tells Montana that she resembles Montana Duke as he shows her a picture of her headshot. Montana confirms that she is Montana Duke. Bobby doesn't initially believe her, explaining that he knows she died back in 1984 or if she was alive, she would be in her fifties. He questions the situation, wanting to know some answers. Montana promises to tell him but he must answer some questions she has. Montana asks what the world is like now and what people think of the 80's. Bobby tells her that the 80's are having a bit of a comeback, though everyone thinks aerobics is a joke.

Out of nowhere, Trevor Kirchner appears. Bobby immediately knows who he is and states that he was married to Margaret Booth. Montana explains to Trevor that Bobby is Richter's son. Bobby reveals that he lived with his aunt Lizzie, who died in 2018. Lizzie had disclosed to Bobby that his mother, Lorraine, was murdered. His father had went to Camp Redwood to avenge her death. Bobby even divulges that he's been receiving anonymous checks, believing that it must be Richter sending them. Montana breaks it to him that Richter is dead and none of the ghosts have seen him in years.

Bobby doesn't believe that they're ghosts. Montana and Trevor decide to prove it to him. Montana finds Bobby's gun in his backpack and urges him to shoot her. Trevor also chimes in that he wants Bobby to shoot him, too. Bobby refuses and Montana shoots herself in the head. Trevor, disappointed, looks for another weapon Bobby might have. He finds a knife and begs for Bobby to stab him. Bobby declines and Trevor slashes his own throat. Bobby runs to the door and is startled to see Trevor and Montana right in front of him. Bobby is utterly confused and the two decide to tell him what happened on Halloween of 1989.

in 1989, Margaret is on the phone and is infuriated that the talent isn't here yet. Courtney runs into the room, interrupting Margaret's conversation with Bruce and Richard Ramirez. He explains that Trevor has blocked the road and is turning people away. Margaret questions why and Courtney relays that Trevor hates her. Courtney also hesitantly admits that he told Trevor that Kajagoogoo had been murdered. Margaret pulls out a gun and shoots Courtney in the head, claiming that he's the world's worst assistant.

Trevor is seen turning away angry music goers in their cars from the location, using a plethora of excuses that the festival is cancelled. Margaret drives up and confronts Trevor immediately. Trevor informs Margaret that he knows Kajagoogoo is dead and she is complicit. He holds a knife for protection and declares that he will turn Margaret in and will file for divorce. Margaret shoots Trevor on his knee, belly and genitals on the other side of the property line. Montana witnesses this and encourages Trevor to crawl to the camp entrance. Trevor does his best as he tries to crawl to her, but collapses from exhaustion. Montana is in tears and believes that Trevor will not make it. Brooke walks up to a dying Trevor. Montana screams for her to not touch him. Brooke ignores Montana and helps Trevor cross over to the property line. Montana demands to know why Brooke had helped her. Brooke only responds that she is not like Montana.

Back in 2019, Bobby is astonished to know Brooke had escaped death row. Montana explains that she is grateful for Brooke bringing Trevor to her. This led to Montana changing her outlook on things and wanted the killing to stop. However, the ghosts all wanted Margaret dead for her murderous rampage.

Going back to 1989, Bruce is seen chasing Midge and ends up stabbing her. He boasts that she is his seventh kill. Trevor appears and stabs Bruce in the neck with a machete. He kicks Bruce over to the forest, so he wouldn't die on the property.

Montana and the ghosts come up with a plan for Ramirez. Montana finds Ramirez all alone and he is happy to see her. He reveals his plan to murder Bobby in Alaska because the musical festival is a flop. Montana claims that Billy Idol wants to meet him. Ramirez is skeptical, knowing about the roadblock, but ultimately buys it. Montana takes him into a cabin and all the ghosts are there. They all hold weapons and begin to attack Ramirez, viciously slaughtering him.

As Montana explains this to Bobby, he questions why they didn't kill Ramirez offsite. Montana reveals that Satan has been resurrecting Ramirez and they've had him under watch for 30 years. Each ghost takes a turn and kills Ramirez in every brutal way possible each time he resurrects. Montana divulges that Ramirez was out to kill him and they have been protecting him since. Bobby is appreciative, but wants to speak with his father. Montana reiterates that they haven't seen Richter in years. But Bobby is determined to stay and find him.

Bertie and Chet are on the Richard Ramirez watch together. Ramirez is taking a while to wake up and Bertie wants to play pictionary. She wants to up the stakes by having the loser strip. Bertie flirts with Chet and discloses that she knows that he sleeps with everyone. Chet coyly admits that he is an 'equal opportunity lover' and is seduced by Bertie. They begin to kiss as Ramirez starts to resurrect. Ramirez ends up attacking the two ghosts.

Ramirez goes to the cabin that Bobby, Montana and Trevor are in. He eavesdrop into their conversation and breaks in. Montana tells Bobby to run as the ghosts all go after Ramirez. Ramirez stabs Bobby in the back, but he is surrounded by all the ghosts who begin to attack him. Montana tells Bobby to go to Red Meadows Asylum and speak with the medical director if he wants answers.

An injured Bobby greets the receptionist, Jess, and requests to speak with the medical director. Jess is snarky with him as she tells him that this isn't an E.R and that the director is busy. Bobby demands to see her right away and slams his hands against the counter. Jess complies and tells him to take a seat. She ends up calling two orderlies who try to admit Bobby. Bobby struggles as they grab a hold of him. Bobby exclaims that he's here to know more about Benjamin Richter. This captures the attention of the medical director, who turns out to be Donna Chambers.

Donna takes Bobby to her office and tells him that she knew his father. Donna goes into detail that Richter was innocent and was blamed by Margaret. Bobby is a bit confused, knowing that Margaret appeared as a victim and had her ear cut off. Donna assures that Margaret was a ruthless murderer who almost got away with it.

Halloween night of 1989, Margaret is on the phone, demanding someone move the bus. After being hung up on, Margaret sees the ghosts outside her window and is greeted by the presence of Donna, who stabs her in the arm. Donna proceeds to attack Margaret, but is quickly overcome by her. Brooke appears and tussles with Margaret. She slams her into a mirror and stabs her in the side. As the two brawl, Margaret ends up shooting Brooke in the abdomen and she falls to the floor. Donna is overcome with devastation, thinking that Brooke is dead and opens the door for the ghosts. Chet and Trevor grab a hold of Margaret as she tries to resist.

The ghosts bring Margaret to a woodchipper. Margaret tells them she'll become a ghost and they will be stuck with her if they murder her on the land. Trevor explains that they are going to kill Margaret over the property line by shooting her out of the woodchipper. Xavier and Chet dismember her arms and legs. They toss the body parts into the wood chipper as the ghosts cheer on. Margaret taunts them that she is dying already. Montana explains that the brain is alive for thirty seconds after decapitation. Montana soon decapitates her with an machete. They toss Margaret's torso, along with her head, into the wood chipper.

Donna wishes Brooke was able to see Margaret's death. Donna lives with guilt of being the final girl of the story. Bobby thanks Donna for sending him the checks. But Donna is baffled, since she never sent Bobby anything. The two wonder if someone else made it out of Camp Redwood.

Donna and Bobby trace the routing number to Prineville, Oregon. They stake out the post office and follow a vehicle to a nice neighborhood. They approach the home and ring the bell. Brooke Thompson greets the two of them, asking Donna what took her so long. Inside her home, Brooke makes them coffee. It is revealed that she is married to a dermatologist and has two children. Brooke apologizes to Donna for everything. Donna inquires why Brooke hadn't let her know she was alive. Brooke admits that she tried to call but couldn't make out any words as she was overcome with memories of Redwood. Brooke decided to move on from it, but always thought of Donna. Donna wishes she could have been part of her life and wonders how Brooke made it out alive.

Brooke goes on to reveal another part of the story back on Halloween night of 1989. While Brooke laid bloody and injured. Ray had went inside the cabin and attended to her wounds. He wraps her up as Brooke sobs that she doesn't want to die at Redwood. Ray promises that she won't. He helps her up and takes her to the entrance of the camp. Brooke feels sorry that Ray is bound to the land and thanks him for saving her life. The two share a kiss as Brooke walks past the entrance and collapses. Brooke explains that someone had called for help and she woke up in a hospital the next day.

Bobby questions why Brooke had been sending him the checks. Brooke tells him that she admires Richter for moving on with his life. However, the camp ended up steering him back to a path of darkness. Brooke knew that the camp would pull Bobby in and she wanted him to have a normal life. Bobby thanks her. Brooke tells Donna she hopes that she can forgive her. Donna responds that they're bonded for life and they're both the final girls. Donna offers Bobby lunch, but he refuses. He wants to go back to Redwood since he felt someone was watching over him.

Bobby returns to Camp Redwood and is alarmed to see the ghost of Margaret. He knows who she is and tells her that she framed Richter. Margaret tells Bobby she can take him to Richter. But Bobby is skeptical of her. He is confused since he thought that she died off the land. Margaret discloses that she died right before the woodchipper spit her head out. She had been hiding out from the ghosts ever since. Margaret pulls out a knife to kill Bobby, but is stopped by Richter. He stabs her in the head. Bobby embraces his father and the two share a loving moment together. However, Margaret soon interrupts it by killing Richter, exclaiming that she is the final girl.

Lavinia Richter intervenes to protect Bobby from Margaret and that he deserves a happy ending from this tragedy. The other ghosts appear and Lavinia beckons that they take her. Lavinia remarks how handsome he is. Montana tells Bobby to leave but to never forget them. Bobby leaves the camp, but stops as he sees his father, Lavinia and young Bobby holding hands as they watch him. Bobby smiles and silently says his goodbyes before going on his way.

Featured Characters[]

Bobby Richter II[]

Bobby Richter II is a guest-starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Finn Wittrock. Bobby, in 2019, goes to Redwood to find answers to his father's life. Up there he meets Montana. Montana acts very oddly around like not knowing what a phone is. Montana takes him to a cabin where Bobby meets Trevor. Montana and Trevor kill themselves in front of Bobby to prove they are ghosts. Montana explains what happened to Margaret and Rameriez. Later that day, Bobby is attacked by Richard and Bobby leaves. Bobby goes to Red Meadows Asylum where he is almost instituted but Donna, the new administrator, stops the guards. Donna takes him to Brooke and they have a nice conversation with Brooke explaining she has been sending Bobby money. Bobby leaves the two women to go to Redwood. At Redwood, he is almost killed by Margaret but he escapes thanks to his dad. Bobby says bye to Montana and Bobby leaves and says bye to his dad, uncle, and grandmother. Bobby walks off free from Redwood.


  • Bobby is the fifth character portrayed by Finn Wittrock. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • He was named after his uncle.


  • Uber driver to Bobby: "Don't forget to rate me five stars!"
  • Margaret Booth to Courtney: "You are the world's worst assistant"
  • Courtney to Margaret Booth: "I wouldn't say the worst..."
  • Donna Chambers to Bobby: "She was through. I'll give her that. Opportunistic. Smart. A straight up psychopath. Put all that into a blender, and you got one of the most vicious serial kllers of the 20th century."


  • The episode's title refers to one of the most common tropes of slasher horror films.
  • This episode marks the return of Finn Wittrock to American Horror Story since his role as Jether Polk in the sixth season, Roanoke.
  • The ghosts taking Margaret Booth to kill her outside of the cabin with flaming torches and knives is a reference to the sixth season Roanoke as well as her death.
  • Continuity Error: This episode contradicts the Hotel connection involving Richard Ramirez. In Hotel, Ramirez is a ghost and confirms that he died of cancer in 2013. However, this episode has established that Ramirez is being kept under watch by the ghosts for thirty years as they kill him and he continuously resurrects. It's possible that 1984 takes place in an alternate universe as Mallory's Tempus Infinitum most likely caused ripple effects in time, creating a new universe. It is also likely possible that 1984 takes place in the new universe that Mallory created when killing Michael Langdon and preventing the apocalypse.

Cultural References[]

Raised Questions[]

  • Will Camp Redwood come again in future seasons?




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