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"Fire Island" is the eighth episode of "American Horror Story: NYC". It premiered November 9, 2022 on FX.

Terrifying events at Fire Island rupture the group and force them to reconsider everything.— FX Networks, official synopsis[1]


Adam comforts a seasick Theo on the ferry to Fire Island. Theo believes that he was sick even before boarding the boat, which Adam suggests might be Hannah's mystery illness. Theo admits that it could be a resurgence of any number of sexually transmitted infections he has encountered. He is looking forward to monogamy with Adam. As they disembark, Fran splashes water onto Gino to express her frustration at the editor changing the cover story of the Pride issue. Sam watches the group as they venture inland.

On the beach, Gino offers Patrick a Mai Tai. They share a lawn chair, comfortable and intimate, and they ponder how long their bliss can last. As they kiss, a still-traumatized Gino pulls away. Gino notes that more sarcoma lesions are appearing on both of them. Gino still feels like something is wrong, and Patrick is dismayed that they're fighting on their vacation. Gino storms off.

At the bungalow, Adam and Theo plan to go for a drink at The Blue Whale. Theo is still feeling ill. A grumpy Patrick grabs a beer, and the pair wonder if they should give him time alone. Patrick asks Adam what Gino is like at work, and Adam admits his boss is tense. The pair leave for the bar, and Patrick senses a presence as he showers. He is haunted by a vision of a decaying Barbara kissing him. Elsewhere, Gino follows a pair from the beach into the bushes but does not see Big Daddy watching him.

Henry intercepts Gino on the beach and the editor spurns the hit man's attention. Henry mentions that the mob is keeping tabs on the couple and Henry is pleased that they are having problems. Henry advocated that Gino should continue his investigations because they're good for business. Henry professes his love for Gino, but the object of his affection won't have it.

Theo is queasy at the bar. Observing Sam over Adam's shoulder, the photographer suggests a night in. Adam suggests that some marijuana will soothe Theo's discomfort, and leaves to pay the tab. Henry chats up Sam at the bar, and they discuss Henry's crush on Gino. Sam suggests the fixer seek out some other company and a meeting later. On his way out, Sam catches up with Theo and offers a truce.

Over fondue, the lesbian trio expresses their admiration for the getaway. Fran has been hired for a lucrative fortune telling gig. Her girlfriend mentions that the doctor they are scheduled to visit the next morning has seen at least fifty cases like hers and wants to know about Dr Wells' research. Big Daddy watches them, and materializes on multiple sides of the house. When threatened, the leather man walks away.

Gino returns to the bungalow and pours himself a drink. The record player he set up stops suddenly, and he is tackled by Big Daddy when he goes to investigate. Adam emerges to launch himself at the big man, and they fight him off briefly before they run behind a door. Big Daddy bursts through the wall and is shot from behind in the back of the head by Patrick. They resolve to contact the sherriff only after the man is unmasked, but the body is gone from the hallway when they return to it.

At Sam's place, the party is in full swing. He introduces Fran to the partygoers, and she sets up shop for the high attendees. The Death card materializes again and again. Meanwhile, Henry is wandering the foggy bush, and Sam guides him to some moonlit action. A drugged Theo is strapped to a tree, arranged by Sam as a manipulation. Sam insists that Theo's fantasy is to be dominated in this way, and encourages Henry to take advantage of him. Henry toys with him until Theo sees Big Daddy behind in the fog. Theo experiences a vision where his photographic subjects, all with antlers sprouting from their heads, come upon him and tell him that he will be remembered. They untie him and bear him away. He drifts off into a white light.

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Raised Questions[]

  • Where has Big Daddy's body gone?
  • Is Theo dead?
  • Will the horror ever end?


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