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Flora Harris is the child of Mason Harris and Lee Miller. She is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Simone Baker.


Flora was raised by both of her parents but after their divorce, her father won full custody of her, with her mother receiving three days every fourteen days.

Personality and Appearance[]

A girl of eight years with curly black hair and lively eyes. Flora has a cheerful personality, though severely shaken by the events inside the Roanoke House, and according to her mother, Flora happily manages to feel at home anywhere.


Following the divorce of her parents, with sole custody going to her father, Mason Harris, Flora spent a few days with her mother at the Roanoke House, where she befriends Priscilla, scaring Lee with disturbing speeches before disappearing into thin air and setting into motion a search party for the missing girl.[1]

Flora was, in fact, kidnapped by Priscilla, a ghost girl who wants to keep her safe from The Butcher.[2]

Cricket Marlowe, a medium hired by Lee Miller, can barely convince the Butcher to an exchange: the girl returned safe and sound in exchange for the Millers to leave the house. Days after Matt and Shelby, in Elias Cunningham' company, see Flora play along with the ghosts of those murdered by the Butcher and her followers, but when they request Priscilla to have Flora return home, they are hampered by the ghostly settlers.

Flora flees into the woods and is almost hit by a car carrying Cricket, who jumps out and chases her into the trees. Later that night, the Butcher arrives on the front lawn with Flora in hand. Matt and Shelby beg for her to be released. The Lost Colony leader is no longer interested in bartering. Priscilla attacks The Butcher, allowing Flora to escape with Shelby, Matt, and Lee.[3]

Later, Flora runs away after her mother is said "not guilty" as of murdering Mason. After about two weeks of searching, Lee finds Flora in the house. Flora wants to stay with Priscilla but Lee doesn't want that. The two reach an agreement: Lee stays and protects Priscilla from The Butcher while Flora stays with her grandparents. Flora exits the house as it bursts in flames with Lee and the ghost of Priscilla inside. Flora sits in a police car, awaiting to be taken away when she witnesses Lee and Priscilla who wave goodbye to her as Flora is driven away. Her fate is left undisclosed as the mob of colonists is seen approaching the house.[4]


  • This marks Simone Baker's, Sanyyia Sidney's, and Jessica Pressly's first appearance on AHS.
  • She testified against her mother.
  • Her legal guardians are Mason's parents.


  • Flora: "There're going to kill us all and save me for last."



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