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Fran is a lab assistant with dangerous information about US Government's experiments on people. She is a character in NYC portrayed by Sandra Bernhard. Fran was recently hired as reporter at The Downtown Native to give lesbian women a voice.



Fran barges into The Downtown Native newsroom to talk to Gino Barelli along with two girlfriends. The trio of lesbians are concerned and disappointed that the magazine only focuses on gay men. Barelli replies that as a gay man he writes about what he knows; and right now gay men are under attack. Fran gives him a switchblade, for protection. [1]

The three women keep showing up at the editorial office until Barelli gives them a desk from which they can voice women's issues. One night, Fran phones Dr Hannah Wells for a late-night meeting in Central Park. Fran has information about the U.S. Government involvement in the spread of viruses.[2]

Fran and Hannah have a conversation in a diner. Putting aside Hannah's fright caused by a man in the park, Fran reveals that she is a lab assistant and has had access to secret files. An experiment similar to Operation Paperclip, in which the US government employed Nazi scientists at the end of World War II during the Cold War against the USSR. Fran claims that the government is funding experiments on 'society's undesirables' to create bioweapons. Hannah, however, cannot believe in conspiracy theories without any proof. [3]

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