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Gabriel is a heroin addict that gets his last fix at the Hotel Cortez. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Max Greenfield.


Gabriel is a junkie who checks in as a guest at the Hotel Cortez.

Personality and Appearance[]

Gabriel looks to be one of Hollywood's failed celebrities. He has blonde highlights in dark hair. He usually wears multiple tribal necklaces, acid-wash jacket over plunging V-neck tank, leather pants, and running shoes. He has the sunken eyes and weathered, thin body of a junkie.


Gabriel rents Room 64 of the Hotel Cortez to use as a "shooting gallery". There he is raped by a monstrous figure with a drill-bit shaped strap-on dildo, and tormented by Sally.[1] Sally then sews him within a mattress after a tearful kiss goodbye.[2]

Gabriel attacks Claudia Bankson by coming from inside the mattress of the room rented by the woman, mistaking her for Sally. Naked and covered in blood, he appears in the lobby seeking help from John Lowe in the hallway, before passing out. Brought to the ER, Gabriel has terrible convulsions and dies due to inexplicable overdose.[3]


  • To Sally: "I love you, Sally!"
  • Gabriel
    You lied. I'm not free.
    Well, you got that right, asshole. It's your own damned fault, thinking you could cheat death.


  • Gabriel was in a fluctuating state between life and death. After seeming to die after his rape he later gasps awake beneath the bed upon which John Lowe lies unaware. He does the same while being confined by Sally and he is also apparently unable to offer resistance.



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