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Gary Longstreet is a supermarket owner and vehement Trump supporter. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Chaz Bono.


One day at a political rally, Gary sexually harassed Ivy and left afraid of being caught. Later that night, he was tied to a pole after being knocked out by Ivy and Winter. The women leave and Kai appears to help him escape but the only way is for Gary to cut his hand off which he does. The two go and vote for the next president, Donald Trump.

Personality and Appearance[]

Gary is a devout Trump supporter. However, Gary takes this support to extreme levels. A profoundly bigoted man, Gary embodies all of the worst stereotypes associated with Trump supporters. He is a homophobe, a xenophobe and a misogynist who at one point grabs Ivy Mayfair-Richards by her groin, leading him to suffer retaliation.

Gary is a sturdy man whose left hand is missing, and the end of the left arm is surgically sewn in a bad way.


Gary was working the night shift as a cashier at the supermarket where Ally was shopping. When the woman pointed out the low amount of customers in the store, Gary said that it was probably due to President Trump's speech on television, expressing his satisfaction for Trump by donning his MAGA hat, much to Ally's discomfort. Later, when questioned by the police about Ally's alleged attack, Gary denied seeing or hearing anything besides Ally screaming in the aisles and throwing bottles of rosé.[1] Gary later participates in the plan of killing Bob but he doesn't participate in the act. Gary later that night kills R.J with the rest of the cult.

Gary joins Kai's inner sanctum, and he protects him at rallies and council meetings. Gary later participates in the killing of Sally. When Beverly goes to see Kai, Harrison and Gary escort her out. Gary emerges from Kai's house with the others when Rudy arrived. Gary and the others eat the women's food belittling them the whole time. Gary later participates in the murder of Rudy.

Kai narrates many cult leaders stories much to the men's happiness. Gary later drinks the poisoned Kool-Aid after shooting another member for not obeying. Kai then tells them it was a prank. Gary has urine thrown at him by a protestor at a rally. The members go to an abortion clinic to vandalise it and make a political point. However, when they arrive, the members surround Gary, to which Kai informs him they are going to kill him and use his body to make a statement. Although saddened that he won't be able to partake in Kai's Night of a Thousand Tates, he relents and allows the cult members to kill him. His dismembered body is later found by a nurse.



  • To Ally about Trump: "We finally got a real leader in Washington."
  • To everyone in the voting building: "Welcome to Trump's America, motherfuckers!"



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