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A diagnosis from the AHS Get Committed site.

Get Committed is an interactive site for "American Horror Story: Asylum". The site features two unique functions. When you visit the homepage it gives you two options; one is to take a psychiatric test and the other offered the opportunity to enter the AHS: Asylum contest. As of September 11, 2012 the contest is no longer accepting entries.

Take the Exam

Take the exam is the first option on the "Get Committed" site and it takes you through a series of seven psychiatric tests that vary from audio recognition to Rorschach imagery. Once completed the site will diagnose your mental health. You can then post your results on social media.

Go to the Asylum

Go to the Asylum is the second option on the "Get Committed" site and it takes you to the contest introduction page that reads

"American Horror Story is giving 'Asylum' to a few intrepid AHS fans. We will test your sanity as you undergo a series of psychological test at the dead of night.

The experiments will be conducted at an old asylum in the rural northeast. The Asylum has stood for a long time - it's sordid history relegated to the cemetery in the woods nearby.

It closed but it didn't die. The hallways, chapels, and solitary cells in the basement are considered some of the most paranormally active sites in the United States.

We're reclaiming this institution for it's original horror. And we need a few test subjects willing to undergo treatment.

You must earn your freedom by making it through the night. And if you succeed you will become a legend of American Horror Story.

Are you ready to get committed?"

The page then gives the option to take the psychiatric test, which is the same test offered on the home page, or skip that step and go ahead to the contest entry form. As of September 11, 2012 the contest is closed and the entry form is replaced with a new form that reads "Sorry, The Asylum is Full ". The contest was to last 4 nights.