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Gloria Laino is a Puerto Rican actress, writer, and director. She portrays the Mexican in Asylum and an unnamed elderly Satanist in Apocalypse.


Gloria has been in multiple big shows, starting with her small, one-episode role as Gloria Kennedy in Days of Our Lives. She followed that up with a role as an extra in Modern Family in 2012. She then played a small role as Aida in Jane the Virgin. She also had a supporting role in the TV show What We Do in the Shadows

She had a reoccurring role in Weeds, and co-starred in After Lately: Chelsea Handler.

In 2012, Gloria acted, wrote, directed, and produced a short film called Look No More


  • Ironically, Laino's character in Asylum is a devout Christian who fears the Devil, while in Apocalypse, she is a sinister Satanist who embraces Satan.


Episode appearances for Gloria Laino
Story or Series Character Episodes
Asylum The Mexican 
Apocalypse Elderly Satanist Sojourn