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From Inside TV / Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy Talks Death October 26th, 2011=[]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I think the biggest shock is that Addy is killed off. Why do that?
RYAN MURPHY: Well, I think it was very important to the Jessica Lange character and you’ll see coming up, once her beloved child is taken away, she needs another child in her life, and the question is, Will that be Vivien’s child? And I also love the commentary that the writers came up with that only in death does Jessica Lange and the other characters realize that this girl was beautiful all along and, in fact, a very pretty girl. I love what that says about the world and I thought it was very powerful.

Is Addy definitely gone or will we see her ghost?
No, I think she was dead before she got to the spot.

Why do we only see the gays on Halloween? Why haven’t they popped up yet?
One of the things about the house we’re trying to say is that the house always has sort of a prescient intelligence in that it knows exactly the right moment to send the undead back to f— with the people who live in the house. The house knows what you’re afraid of and will scare you. The house also knows what you need to hear and then will provide it. So the timing of it, it’s almost like what’s going on in these character’s personal lives is what conjures these spirits. Also, in an episode coming up, Jessica Lange has a very long speech explaining the rules of the dead.

Will we find out why people like Moira are stuck living in this limbo?
Yes. If you die on the property, you die in this house, you are condemned to be there for all eternity. You can’t go to the next level of whatever you perceive death and spirituality to be. The house definitely has its own rules, and the evil that is created there is so intense that it does hold the feet of the dead and they’re sort of like slaves to the mythology of it.

Are we going to see Constance’s husband again, since he died in the house?
He does come back, and is having an unexpected affair with somebody in the house. Even in death. He’s a cheatin’ ghost.

So is Vivien’s baby growing faster than a normal baby?
Yes, it is not a normal baby. It’s growing faster than it should, and she’s eating way too much. We explain that actually in the next episode. Vivien starts to eat way too much food and have the world’s most horrible morning sickness and most horrible pregnancy cravings.

From what I gather, “the infantata” is basically a Frankenstein baby? The doctor sewed together the baby parts?

Will see show how he brought those pieces to life?
Yep. Episode 7 concludes the Nora/Dr. Montgomery's story.

Will we find out more about Ben’s backstory?
Yeah a little. We learn more about Ben’s childhood. We learn about how he and Hayden got together. What was going on with Vivien and why did he cheat. That is episode 9.

What can you tease about part two of the Halloween episodes?
We find out more about what happened to Tate. Was the high school shooting a fantasy or was it real?