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Hamish Moss is a film director and the sexual partner of Siobhan Corbyn. He is possibly a cautionary individual, as it is hinted that his film was bewitched to succeed. He is a character in Delicate portrayed by Dominic Burgess.


Hamish Moss is a film director from Britain trying to become even more famous thanks to the diverse actors & screenwriters in America.

Personality and Appearance[]

Moss is an obese British Caucasian man with brown hair & brown eyes. Not much is known about Moss, other than the fact that he's a very incompetent director and had to start sleeping with Siobhan Corbyn for any chance of success. He seems like a greedy yet desperate individual, wanting to make it bigger than he already is in the world, but he doesn't seem to fit in.




  • Hamish Moss is the second character portrayed by Dominic Burgess. For a complete list of his portrayals, see Cast.
  • He is a Gotham Award winner for Best Director.
  • Hamish is one of a mite of scapegoats in the series.