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Hank Foxx (real name: Henry Renard) is Cordelia's supporting husband with a dark secret of his own. He is a character in Coven primarily portrayed by Josh Hamilton.


Raised according to family dictates, he descended from one of the families of carpenters dating back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials, today wealthy senior members of the Delphi Trust, a multimillion-dollar cooperation that for centuries has firmly opposed the Supreme and her witches.[3]

He works hard as a contractor to build a life for himself and his wife, much to the chagrin of Fiona Goode, who has differing ideas about her daughter's best interests.[4]

Personality and appearance[]

On the surface, Hank appears to be a loving husband who is eager to satisfy his wife's desire for a child and willingly participates in a fertility ritual. However, Hank is shown to be a liar and womanizer with psychopathic tendencies, committing adultery and casually murdering his lovers. He has an extremely contentious relationship with his mother-in-law, Fiona, with Hank claiming that she neglected Cordelia, and Fiona insisting that Hank is a parasite with no aspiration or plans, and who fabricates his affection for Cordelia.

However, despite Hank being a witch hunter working with Marie and his father's company, Hank really did love Cordelia as he refuses to kill the Coven, and instead raids Marie's beauty salon and kills Chinwe, Gummy, and Chantal before his own death at the hands of Queenie.


Hank is Cordelia's supposed 'blue-collar' husband. Cordelia genuinely loves him, much to her mother Fiona's disapproval. Fiona believes that Cordelia, as the daughter of the Supreme Witch, can do so much better than a construction worker. She suspects that Hank is not what he seems, nor what Cordelia believes him to be.

Hank appears to be a supportive husband, who wants nothing more than a happy family with his wife and possible future children. He wants kids with Cordelia so much so that he performs a sex ritual with her. When nothing comes from it, Cordelia secretly goes to the doctor while Hank is out of town and is made aware of her infertility.

Hank tells Cordelia that he is leaving town for a construction job. Instead, Hank books a hotel room and has a one-night stand with a girl he met online named Kaylee. They have sex, with Hank reacting strangely. His animalistic reaction to the climax gives a hint that something about Hank might be a little off, or something is not as it seems to him. While having a meal together, Kaylee reveals her growing feelings for him. He responds by shooting her with a silenced handgun.[5]

Hank later visits his wife Cordelia at the hospital after she has been attacked and blinded by acid. After a heated argument with Fiona, a nurse says that one of them has to leave. Fiona leaves the room and gives Hank fifteen minutes alone with Cordelia. Hank reaches down to grab Cordelia's hand and, suddenly, she convulses and has a vision of his act of infidelity.

Hank arrives at the academy with Cordelia, who once again has visions of his infidelity and questions him about the identity of the woman he was with. Hank feigns ignorance, claiming that the medication may have affected her judgment. He is then ordered to leave by Fiona and Cordelia. Later, he shows up at Cornrow City and Marie Laveau is not surprised to see him. He heads inside, telling her that they have a problem. In actuality, Hank is a witch hunter, hired by Marie Laveau, and has been undercover for six years. He has been killing the Salem descendants over the years, though Marie thinks that Hank has gone soft and is frustrated by the witches' recent actions. Marie demands that Hank bring her the witches' heads as soon as possible, or she will kill him. Hank appears reluctant to carry out this order, as he nervously gulps.[6]

A drunken Hank calls Cordelia, who hangs up on him. Hank is shown to be sitting in a room full of firearms.[7]

After a failed attempt at killing Misty Day in her shack, Hank waits outside of the Academy (possibly having tracked Misty there) when Nan rushes to the Ramsey household after being upset by Madison. Hank shoots up the house, killing Joan Ramsey and critically wounding her son, Luke, leaving him comatose.[8]

Hank learns that his father initiated the attack on Cordelia which left her blind because they wanted Cordelia to become more dependent on Hank so that he could continue the witch hunting work that he had been doing for his father's company. Later that night, Hank begins convulsing in pain on the floor as Marie Laveau begins attacking him using a voodoo doll. Marie orders him to kill the Coven or else she will kill him. Hank heads to the Academy, where Cordelia kicks him out and says that she is going to sign divorce papers. Hank prepares for the killing spree, but instead kicks down the doors to Marie's beauty salon, murdering Chinwe, Gummy, and Chantal and wounding Queenie in the stomach. Hank meets up with Marie and shoots her in the arm, but before he can finish her off, Queenie shoots herself in the mouth which transfers the injury to Hank, killing him.[3]

After his death, Cordelia finds out about his family's corporation and that his real last name is Renard, the French word for 'fox'.[9]


  • Over the six years since he infiltrated the Academy, Hank has killed a total of nine Salem descendants in the last three years, five of which was possible through Cordelia's research.[6]



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