Harrison Wilton is a brutally honest beekeeper and a neighbor of Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards. He is a character in Cult portrayed by Billy Eichner.


Harrison made a pact with his high school best friend, Meadow, that if they were still single at 35 they would marry each other. He is allowed one night a week in Detroit to do whatever he pleases as long as he doesn't make a fool of Meadow and takes caution. When Obama was elected president, Harrison began to collect guns due to paranoia that the second amendment would be taken away. He keeps his sizable collection of firearms in a large safe. [2]

Harrison was seen with his wife voting for who should be the president when they start talking about how stupid it is. Harrison worked as a personal trainer in a gym where he was constantly harassed by his homophobic boss, Vinny. As if that was not enough, Harrison also argued with Meadow because of an eviction note; argument followed by Meadow's unsuccessful attempt to seduce him. At some point, he befriended Kai Anderson, a new member of the gym, and on the same day that Kai enrolled Harrison observed the young man jerking off in the shower. Afterwards, Kai confronted Harrison, stating bluntly that he was leading a meaningless life. Convinced by Kai's persuasive words, that same night, Harrison killed Vinny with Kai's help. Meadow also joined them to dismember the body and disposing of any evidence. [3] He also partcipated in the murder of Serena. 

Personality and Appearance

Harrison is gay but married his best friend from high school Meadow Wilton because of a pact they made, although he is regretful about it and would like to live more openly his partially repressed homosexuality. Harrison is a personal trainer, a beekeeper, and a gun enthusiast. Harrison and his wife are big Nicole Kidman fans and they are co-vice presidents of the Michigan chapter of her fan club.

Harrison is a tall man with black hair in his late 30s.


Harrison is first seen in his clown costume coming out of the ice cream truck freaking out Oz and later killing the Changs. In the breaking news hosted by Beverly Hope, Harrison appeared alongside his wife Meadow as the people who filmed Kai Anderson's attack. He and his wife later moved into the Chang family house after the owners felt motivated to sign the lease immediately. He states to Ivy and Ally that they had credit issues which prompt Ivy to notice they are honest people. Afterwards, concerned about Ally's paranoia, Harrison gave her a gun for keeping her family safe and later, during a general blackout, provided her some beeswax candles claiming that the blackout was the result of a terrorist attack. [2] He later terrorizes Ally in the blackout. 

Harrison, in his costume, kills Rosie and Mark. Following Pedro Morales' murder, Harrison and Meadow went to Ally's house wearing sombreros, expressing all their contempt for the woman. As a good offer from good neighbors, Harrison and Meadow gave a guinea pig to Oz, believing that the boy needed a male figure in his life. Meanwhile to Kai Anderson, Harrison reveals that his greatest regret is that he married Meadow, admitting he wants her to die. Wish granted, shortly after Harrison woke up wet soaked with blood. Unable to be calmed by police officers, Harrison accused Ally of kidnapping and possibly murdering his wife in the middle of the street. [4]  Harrison is seen in the meeting of the cult on how to make the clowns scarier. Harriosn is also seen particpating in the murder of Bob. He also particpates in the murder of R.J. Harrison is seen at the shooting by Meadow with Ivy, he saves her and then leaves. Harrison later is seen having sex with Jack and then they both chase Ally and Meadow but the two women escape. Harrison, in a flashback, was seen tying up Meadow. He later participates in the murder of Sally Keffler. Harrison later gives a speech from Meadow to the reporters. He is later seen when Beverly goes to see Kai. Harrison is later seen being killed by Bebe, Beverly, Ivy, and Winter. His body is found in a lake.



  • Harrison
    It's the way of the world now. Lay it all out there, you know? Radical, fearless honesty, Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah. Everyone looks at me, right?
  • Harrison (to Ally)
    I gave you a gun to protect yourself, and you used it to commit murder? You make me feel dirty.
  • Harrison
    You need to calm up! You need to get to my level! You need to get agitated!



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