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An actual building stood here once. It was beautiful with big wooden beams and giant glass windows that let you see forever.
Ariel Augustus describing the old Hawthorne School.[src]

The Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men (known as Outpost 3 in an erased timeline) is a school and safe haven for warlocks that is managed by a group of exemplary-level warlocks, but recognize the Supreme as their leader and answers to her and to the Witches' Council. Additionally, they shared an affiliation with Miss Robichaux's Academy as an institution aims to protect and educate the warlocks and witches respectively.

As Outpost 3, it was one of six shelters constructed in minimum fallout zones from the nuclear blasts. Chosen for its natural subterranean defenses, the Outpost was located in Central California.


For many years, the shelter was the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men, where young warlocks were taught to control their magic. In 2014, when the new Supreme Cordelia Goode outed the existence of witches, warlocks and magic into the world, some locals around the schools hated their presence and threw Molotov cocktails that caused the original school to be burned down. After the incident, and fearing for their safety, the warlocks decided to continue its operations underground, literally. In 2018, Michael Langdon operated an attack on the warlock coven, dismembering all of them. Later, The Cooperative took ownership of the place and converted it into a fallout shelter once they realized that World War III was going to happen. After Mallory used Tempus Infinituum to reverse the events of the Apocalypse, Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men was never converted into Outpost 3.


Hawthorne School/Outpost 3 has an exterior field, surrounded by walls and a gate, that possess dying flora. The environment of the fields is surrounded by grass, trees, and mountainous terrain in the background. In the exterior, the entrance to the school looks like a black spiral that has a door to an elevator.

The School[]

Before being burned down, Ariel Augustus described the original building to be beautiful. The school has wooden beams with huge glass windows that enables them to clearly see what's outside.

In its recent rebuilding. The school follows a modern minimalist interior with granite walls and ceilings with touches of art deco fixtures. Upon entering from the elevator, a foyer leads to a hallway that separates and leads to the other rooms. The different facilities of the school are listed below.

The Sculpture[]

According the Ariel Augustus, the spiral black sculpture from the garden was the only structure that remained intact after the people from the neighborhood destroyed the original school. When the warlocks decided to rebuild the institute, they have it relocated underground making the surviving sculpture as the main entrance to the academy. The students, faculty, and their guests have to enter the spiral black sculpture that will lead to an elevator - which then takes them a feet below the ground to access the school.

The Elevator[]

The elevator serves as the only means of entry and exit for the residents of the Hawthorne School. When going down, the elevator usually opens to a foyer that leads to a larger foyer with a shape of an octagon, with entry corridors that leads to different facilities of the school. In the middle of the foyer, is a modern black fireplace. This is where some students collectively practice pyrokinetic spells like igniting flames.

The Study Hall/Social Hall[]

The Study Hall is a library with a small spiral staircase that leads to a mezzanine. The first floor of the hall is surrounded by black shelves with lots book display. With two large black tables and chairs. The place serves as a location for many events as when Behold Chablis taught students how to restore a shattered glass ball. Michael Langdon's test of Descensum. Also, this is where Stevie Nicks performed a piece for Misty's return. Importantly served as the meeting room the warlocks of the school and witches' council of Miss Robichaux's Academy in New Orleans.


As the Hawthorne School[]

Known wards
Known former wards

As Outpost 3[]

Former (Original timeline)[1]

Other outposts[]


  • Hawthorne is the warlock counterpart to Miss Robichaux's Academy, a school for witches. Hawthorne evaluates students, assigning them to certain ranks, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4, the latter being the strongest and equal to that of the Supreme. Level 3 is assumed to be the highest a warlock can attain, all members of the Warlock Council are Level 3.
  • Library resources of Hawthorne School are shown to be more varied compared to its counterpart. Hawthorne School displayed shelves filled with books in their social hall in contrast to the small collection seen at Miss Robichaux's Academy.
  • Warlocks admitted to the school follow a prescribed uniform; black formal coat, plain white stiff-fronted shirt, and slacks, dark leather shoes and inner vest with thin black bowtie tied around the neckline.
  • Like their sister academy, the school also have variety of classical paintings of presumably notable warlocks of the school.



  1. Mallory, Myrtle Snow and Michael Langdon were the only surviving individuals in Outpost 3 before Mallory invoked Tempus Infinituum to travel back in time, which resulted in Michael's ultimate death and Myrtle staying dead after her execution at the stake. Thus, Mallory is the only character tracing back to that erased, original timeline.
  2. In one of the e-mails Emily and Timothy find on Michael's notebook, it's possible to see references to this Outpost
  3. In one of the e-mails Emily and Timothy find on Michael's notebook, it's possible to see references to this Outpost