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Hazel Evers is the laundress for the Hotel Cortez. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Mare Winningham.


Hazel Evers is the Hotel Cortez laundress. She is usually seen cleaning up blood from the sheets and linens.[1]

She lost her child on Halloween in 1925, when they went out for trick-or-treating. Her son, Albert, complained about his costume, as he found the other children's more impressive. Hazel began speaking with a friend, and with her back turned a man lured Albert into his car. By the time Hazel realized it, it was too late. Police later found children held on the killer's chicken ranch, and Albert's body was not found and presumed dead.

She is Mr. March's faithful minion that would do anything for him. The two have been a team since the late 1920s when she worked for him at the hotel. Even after the police chased him she died with him by even asking him to be his last victim. She also left March's handkerchief at the Sabbath worker's murder scene to lead the police to March.

Personality and Appearance[]

Her maid's uniform appears to be of a 30s vintage and she speaks in a rough brogue. She maintains a cheery demeanor while removing ghastly stains from the linens.


Miss Evers is a ghost and has only been seen vigorously cleaning blood from bed sheets. She has appeared to Vendela, mentioning a terrible accident in Room 51, and to Gabriel, bragging that she can remove any stain. Hazel later follows Iris and Liz to dump Agnetha's body and Hazel takes the bloody sheets away. Hazel is later seen in John's room asking if he would like turndown service which he replies no and she leaves. Hazel brings a prostitute to Tristan and March and March kills her and Tristan runs. Iris tells John about March and Evers and the murders and how March started The Ten Commandments Killings. She also mentions that March killed Hazel by her request and how no one knows who really turned in March. Hazel is seen with March wondering where they would stay do to Will tearing out the floor where they live. Tristan says that he will take of it and how they don't need to worry.

On Halloween she is getting some sheets cleaned for James March's annual dinner when John Lowe comes to her room after seeing blood coming down from his ceiling. After discovering that John has lost his son as well she starts crying and tells him her story about her kidnapped and later killed son. She pours both of them a drink. She leaves saying that she has so much to do for the celebration of Devil's Night. Hazel is later seen bringing food to the killers at the celebration. Hazel is seen telling John how hard it will be to clean the blood from the threesome he and the girls had. Hazel is seen sadly staring at James and Elizabeth getting married in the past, due to her love for James. Hazel, in the present, tells James that Elizabeth should be known of the time she is expected and James says the lady of the house deserves more respect and she walks off. Hazel is seen unbuttoning John's bloody shirt after he murdered somebody. Hazel is also seen pouring drinks for James and Elizabeth, also when James brings John to his room to talk. 

Back to the present, Will is preparing his son Lachlan for the wedding, which is all interrupted when Hazel appeared. Introduced by Lachlan, she was compelled to warn Will about Elizabeth. She explained how The Countess stole James March from her. Will anxiously avoided her, claiming that he'll get her 'fired'. Before leaving, she reminds him her preparation to clean the blood off his suit once he's dead and how she will smile and watch him die. After Ramona attacked Will, she observed his cry for help, while she folded her hands gleefully.

Hazel brokers a vacation to the Cortez for Liz's son, whom she hasn't seen in 31 years. She cautions Liz to be cautious of how accepting the son will be. Liz presents a gift in exchange: oxygen infused laundry soap. She then prepared a formal dinner for John and Alex, then gives Liz a head's up that her son is approaching the bar. She got rewarded with a washer/dryer for helping out Liz, as she got a tutorial on how to run it. Hazel then remembers to tell Liz that her son has been at the bar for some time. In a flashback told by Sally, Hazel shows up to her after Sally stiched herself and her two freinds together. Hazel says she will come back to check up and leaves and puts a do not disturbe sign on the door. Hazel, in the present now, finds Iris all dusty and Iris tells her to vaacum Donovan's ashes up. Hazel asks if she wants him put back in the can and Iris says no. Hazel is later seen with James and he asks her if she remembers the first time she died and she says yes and it was scary but he guided her, James wants her to guide the now dead Elizabeth the same way he did. Elizabeth comes and says that being dead has no pain and no passion, Hazel then says that if she opened her eyes she would notice passion right in front of her. Hazel then tells James that she turned him in because she wanted to die with him, together. James fires her and she feels free and leaves happy. Hazel is seen at the ghost meeting held by Iris and Liz and then last seen with Liz and her "family" because she wants them to kill her but Elizabeth does the dirty work herself.

Associated Characters[]

Albert Evers[]

Albert Evers was the son of Hazel Evers. He was abducted and murdered by Gordon Northcott in 1925. On Halloween, Hazel was talking to her friend when Gordon kidnaps Albert and drives away with him much to Hazel's sadness. His blood is later found on a cloth given to Hazel.


  • To Mr. March: "What a glorious stain!"
  • To John: "I have long known that you and I were kindred spirits."
  • To Mr. March: "I found this one in the bar, sir, prostituting herself. There's nothing she won't do for a dollar."
  • To John: "It's surprising how delicious a little cruelty can taste."
  • To Liz Taylor: "I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that we've all grown rather fond of you. We can't possibly murder you."


  • Miss Evers' son Albert was among the victims of Gordon Northcott, an in-universe depiction of the real perpetrator of those passed to history as the "Wineville Chicken Coop Murders."
  • This is the second time Mare Winningham portrays a character tied to Evan Peters' character. In Coven Winningham portrayed Alicia Spencer, the abusive mother of Kyle Spencer.
  • Hotel marks the third time Mare Winningham has appeared in a season of AHS. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
    • Although Hazel Evers appeared in 11 out of 12 episodes of Hotel, she was not credited in the main cast and was a Special Guest Star.