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I would think most souls wouldn't have any awareness in their personal Hell. The confusion would only add to the suffering.
Michael Langdon to Madison Montgomery[src]

Hell is one of the nether worlds of afterlife, where souls of the damned reside as punishment for the evil deeds they committed in life. Individuals consigned to Hell experience torments that are tailored to their worst fears or experiences. The majority of souls are unaware of the fact that they are in Hell, though in certain cases, the awareness can be a form of suffering itself. It is popularly known as the Netherworld among Witches and the Underworld among Warlocks.[2][3]

One's personal hell can change when they are brought back to life and die again. The very example is Madison, who experienced different personal hells. It can also be noted that Fiona has experienced different personal hells, too. Before she even met The Axeman, she had to perform Descensum to pass the Seven Wonders and become the Supreme, meaning that she experienced a different hell from the one she eventually ended up in.

Two or more people can share the same afterlife. The examples are Delphine LaLaurie, Borquita Lopez and Marie Laveau; Fiona Goode and The Axeman. The sharing might happen when two people are each other's "nightmare" when they were alive.

Witches who die and come to hell seem to not be able to use their active powers anymore. Fiona and Madison were not displayed using their powers after they died. For Misty's case, the fact that she can revive a dissected frog in hell could be because of how things work in the Netherworld, everything works in a plot that causes the most extreme distress for the soul, meaning that the frog did not come back to life because of her power but rather how hell wants it to be, wants her to think.


Since the beginning of their Coven, the Salem witches and their descendants had the power to travel to their personal Hell through Descensum. It formed part of the tests of the Seven Wonders, which determined who among the witches was the next Supreme.[4]

Lucifer was cast back into Hell when Monsignor Timothy Howard killed his host in 1964, made possible through the divine intervention of the dark angel Shachath.[5] However, Satan could still exert its influence through locations that have accumulated a lot of psychic energy, which act as gateways to Hell. The Murder House and the Hotel Cortez are two prominent examples of these gateways.[6][7][8]

In 2014, Fiona Goode and Marie Laveau drowned Nan in a bathtub so that Marie could provide Papa Legba, a voodoo deity, with the soul of an innocent. This was done to honor the deal Marie Laveau made with Papa centuries ago to gain immortality. After Nan was killed, Papa Legba claimed her soul and escorted her to Hell, where he claimed that "the other side had treats for a girl like [her]."[9] Since then, Nan had become Papa Legba's personal helper, known for "stirring up trouble" in Hell.[10]

Queenie descended into Hell to find the whereabouts of Marie Laveau after she went missing. There, she encountered Papa Legba, who informed Queenie that Marie Laveau's immortality made it impossible for her to be in Hell. Impressed by her magical skill, Papa Legba warned Queenie to return to the mortal world before her soul is permanently trapped in Hell. Upon returning, Queenie negotiated with Papa Legba to have Marie Laveau's immortality revoked, which allowed the latter to die from the dismemberment she had experienced at the hands of Delphine LaLaurie. Delphine, whose immortality was tied to Marie Laveau's, was now able to be killed by Queenie for all the atrocities she had inflicted. Delphine and Marie Laveau were both subsequently sent to Hell for their sins.[4]

To determine the identity of the next Supreme in the wake of Fiona's supposed death, Cordelia Foxx and Myrtle Snow administered the tests of the Seven Wonders on Queenie, Zoe Benson, Misty Day, and Madison Montgomery. One of the tests required the girls to journey to their personal Hell through Descensum. All of them successfully returned from their personal Hell in time, except for Misty, who was caught in an eternal loop of dissecting and resurrecting a frog against her will. As a result, her body disintegrated into ash by sunrise, leaving her soul trapped in Hell forever.[11]

After deciding to perform the Seven Wonders herself, Cordelia had to travel to her personal Hell to master Descensum. Madison was sent to Hell after being killed by Kyle Spencer for refusing to resurrect Zoe. Fiona, who had faked her death to kill the next Supreme once she was identified, returned to Cordelia on the brink of death, begging her daughter to end her misery. Cordelia told Fiona to accept the natural end of her life, and the moment she passed, Fiona awoke in her personal Hell, doomed to spend eternity with the Axeman in a recurring loop.[11]

Michael and Queenie traveled to Madison's personal Hell to resurrect Madison.[7] During the tests of the Seven Wonders, Michael descended into Misty's personal Hell and negotiated her release, restoring her body on the mortal coil.[12] To gain the help of a powerful ally against Michael, Cordelia descended into Hell and negotiated with Papa Legba for Marie Laveau's release. As per the agreement, Marie Laveau had to kill Dinah Stevens so that Papa Legba could have the soul of the "darkest and most corrupt Voodoo Queen" there is.[13]

After Mallory prevented the Apocalypse through Tempus Infinituum, Madison and Misty were trapped in Hell once more as Michael had never released them in the new timeline. However, for her role in killing the Antichrist, Mallory had gained favor with the demons of Hell. She used her influence to have Papa Legba release Misty from her personal Hell. Nan escorted Misty to Miss Robichaux's Academy, where Cordelia warmly welcomed her back to the mortal realm. Mallory states she intends to rescue Madison from Hell but she has decided to have her remain in Hell to "sweat it out a little longer".[13]

Known Personal Hells[]

  • Queenie -Working at a fast food restaurant serving rude customers for all eternity.[4][11]
  • Delphine LaLaurie - Being imprisoned in the same cages where she used to hold her slaves and being forced to watch Marie Laveau torture her daughters in front of her. [4][13]
  • Marie Laveau - Being forced to torture Delphine LaLaurie's daughters against her will.[4][13]
  • Madison Montgomery - Existing in a dark and infinite void; not playing the lead role in a musical production[11]; working in retail for all eternity, stripped of her fame and not being recognized by anyone.[7]
  • Zoe Benson - Breaking up with Kyle Spencer in an eternal loop.[11]
  • Misty Day - Being forced to dissect a frog by her schoolteacher and resurrecting it in an eternal loop.[11][12]
  • Cordelia Goode - Trying to get the approval of her mother Fiona and getting "bitch slapped" for it.[11]
  • Fiona Goode - Being forced to live with the Axeman in a farmhouse, with her memories reset at the start of every day to re-experience the shock of her eternal suffering.[11]
  • The Axeman - Being forced to live with Fiona in a farmhouse, with her memories reset at the start of every day so she always has a bad attitude at him and never recognizes his love.[11]
  • Dinah Stevens - Being forced to take Marie Laveau's place, torturing the victims in hell.[13]


In contrast to hell, there is the world of the blissful afterlife, usually called Heaven. While knowing less about the residents of Heaven than doing of Hell, Heaven is also personalized for the individual, and that someone's personal Heaven can be the same as another's personal Hell. Unlike Hell, there seems to be no presiding deity, and there are significantly fewer known residents.

Known Personal Heavens[]

  • Adelaide Langdon - Adelaide says that in Heaven, she is always a pretty girl, and she is surrounded by the best versions of her loved ones and she's very popular.
  • Elsa Mars - Elsa and her family share a life that is very reminiscent of their freak show, only instead it is very successful, and she gets to sing to an adoring crowd every day. She is headlining every night, and has a multitude of fans.
  • Donovan - In Donovan's personal heaven, every day is Sunday and it always smells like freshly baked cookies made by his mother, mentioned by Billie Dean Howard.
  • Ma Petite - Like the rest of the freaks, Ma Petite performs in the freak show, only it is very successful and she gets to spend time with her family.
  • Ethel Darling - Along with the rest of the freaks, Ethel gets to be a part of a more successful version of the freak show, and spend time with her family.
  • Paul - Paul and Penny get married to each other in Heaven, and the two also get to perform alongside the others in a successful version of the show.
  • Ima Wiggles - Ima is able to stay with the others and be a part of a successful version of the freak show.
  • Suzi - Suzi stays alongside the other freaks, and performs in a successful version of the freak show.
  • Amazon Eve - Eve gets to spend time and care for Ma Petite and perform in a successful version of the show.
  • Penny - Penny gets married to Paul and the two stay with the freak show and perform in the new, successful version.

Residents and Visitors[]

Former Residents

Residents in erased timeline


  • Despite being said that witches lose their abilities in Hell, Misty Day seems to have retained Divination, as she revealed had sensed evil speaking with Michael Langdon in Underworld, and how she perceived his "perfume of death".[12]