Holden Lowe is eldest child of John and Alex Lowe. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Lennon Henry.[1]


Holden is the eldest child and son of John and Alex Lowe and older brother of Scarlett. In 2010, at a carnival in Santa Monica with his family, he was abducted from a merry-go-round by Elizabeth. He now resides at the Hotel Cortez among her other blood-drinking children.[2]


Holden showed up as a vision multiple times to John but every time that he tries to catch him, he disappears in the hallways. Holden met Lachlan Drake after Elizabeth was taking him around the Hotel and showing him her children's game room hidden behind a sliding wall.[3] Holden is seen drinking Agnetha's blood and then saying it tastes bad and Iris declares her dead. Holden is also seen getting his blood taking by Iris to give to Elizabeth. John notices Holden in the hallway and follows him but Holden disappears. 

After Lachlan showed Scarlett an empty indoor pool where the children sleep in glass coffins, she recognized her brother, Holden, in one of the coffins. After coming back, she found him in the game room and asked him if he remembers their parents and her as well. He says yes and when she tries to take a selfie to prove that he is alive he tries to bite her and she leaves scared.[4] In a flashback it is shown that Holden was Alex's favorite child and that he always smelled of lavender to her. 

Alex visited John at the hotel and saw Holden when leaving. He greeted her[2] and she took him home. She was surprised to see him and to find out that he didn't age even a bit. She tried to measure his temperature and the thermometer shows 75 degrees. He said he's not feeling cold and he's okay but thirsty. She brought him juice only to find him killing the family dog and drinking his blood. He then said that he wants to visit his "other mommy" and took Alex back to the Hotel. He led her to the empty indoor pool and went to sleep in one of the glass coffins.[5] After Alex got turned, Elizabeth showed Holden his mommy and how she is like him now, Elizabeth explains the rules and tells her she is a nanny. Alex and Holden go to bed in the glass coffins. 

John's increasingly confused murder board adorns the wall, and he wakes to a greeting by Holden. He runs after his son, happening upon the glass coffins where his son, wife, and the other children sleep.[6] Alex and Holden come and show themselves to John and they leave the hotel together with Sally yelling and threating them. Holden is taking home and showed to his room. John goes home to find his family but they were kidnapped by Elizabeth. In a flashback it is shown that Holden and Alex leave the house to go to the hospital for blood. John, Alex, Holden, and Scarlett go back to the hotel and reunite with Liz, Iris, and Ramona. John then sends Scarlett off to the Thacter Bording School with Lachlan. Holden is last seen sleeping with Alex on Devil's Night.


  • To Lachlan: "Hello. Wanna play?"
  • To Alex: "Hey, mommy!"
  • To Alex (about Elizabeth)
    I need my mommy.
    Baby, I am your mommy
    My other mommy.


  • This is the first character portrayed by Lennon Henry.
  • Holden is the most talked about "child" of the Countess.



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