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This building has a heart as black as the ace of spades, and you're sleeping in it.

Room 64 is one of the rooms of the Hotel Cortez.


It was originally used as Mr. March's office when he first built the hotel in 1925. In 1994, Sally and Donovan used it to get stoned and he died on the bed before being afflicted by the Countess.


Iris tells Agnetha and Vendela that they never rent out room 64, but she settled them in there after the Mattress Man showed up in their previous room.

After Gabriel checks in, he is settled in Room 64 and is raped by the Addiction Demon. When Gabriel dies, John Lowe comes to check out the room after receiving a mysterious anonymous call. He rents the room and starts temporarily living in the room when Alex decides to push him out of the family home. He also has sex with Agnetha and Vendela's ghosts in the room after they seduce him while looking for their purpose after death. Afterward, John checks out.

The Hidden Chamber[]


John Lowe and James March looking at the tubes containing parts of every victim.

Behind a wardrobe in the room, there is a hidden chamber. It's used to keep "memories" of every murder committed following The Ten Commandments. Two of the victims were killed by James March and the rest by John Lowe. The trophies include a thief's hand, field workers' teeth, a man's tongue and eyes, twin brothers' hearts, Martin Gamboa's brain, gossip website editors' vocal cords, a television priest's spleen, Detective Hahn's testicles, and Elizabeth's head. They are all stored in glass jars with golden labels of the commandment that they had broken.